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  1. There are so many issues behind the Acne problems. you shouls maintain proper and Healthy diet which can easily digest and gives nutrition to your health.
  2. Thanks for your greatful suggestion about the Acne problems.
  3. Just concern with Skin Specialist, I can't acknowledge the problems.
  4. This is seen as a Acne problems, But don't to worry about it.
  5. This is so serious problems. Do you have concern this with the doctor.
  6. Just maintain the nutritional health diet and Controls the junky foods which cause the acne problems.
  7. The acne problems can be cured by the Folic and Vitamin c.
  8. It just look like the same as Acne symptoms.
  9. I have been taking the Accutane in 20-30 gm as per daily dose and It's really control the problem.
  10. Must concetrate on your daily routine diet and activities to control the problem.
  11. There are no any fixed timie bound to cure this problems, But it depends upon the curement.
  12. Thanks for solving the Acne problems. This suggestion really works for the acne.
  13. rightsmith

    Oily Hair

    I should use Head and Shoulder shampoo for my hair to get out of the dandruff problems. The head and Shoulder contains the Ingredients which really effect the dandruff problems.
  14. rightsmith


    I had apply the yoghurt that really work well on my skin and I really get my skin dry too much.
  15. There are so many best brand moisturiser available in the market and You should must try betonate c or n Moisturiser that really good for the skin.
  16. That's really good post to share you hair loss problems with us. It really a knowledgeful forum for hair regarding problems and much of the people facing the hair loss problems in a routine. They will really get the informational knowledge from this post.
  17. Hi, Guys I am just 26 years old and I feeling shy to say the I am going to bald from the front and All of you making me laugh at me. But I take it as a serious and do the hair transplant treatment. you can't again say me bald, now i have full of hair on my scalp.
  18. This reason for the acne after the pregnancy is that due to hormonal changes in the body will the cause the acne problems. So you should take the Vitamins c supplements in your daily diets, Which really helpful to control the acne.
  19. The Accutane dose I have taken nearly 30-40 mg a day, I get better results in a few days. But After 2-3 months the results goes in reverse and My hair start loosing. I stop to take the Accutane dose to get out from the side effects of the Accutane.
  20. The best way to cure the acne problems you should do the right healthy diet which is cool in nature.
  21. The Acne problems start in when person going young, It does not concern to the hair person. The Acne problems is due to excess hormone in the body and it getting Warm in the body that why acne comes out.
  22. Soaked up oil on the skin before going to shave. The oily skin have cause the acne problems, so don't have a oily skin. You should also do shave after the 2-3 days, because it effects your acne.
  23. rightsmith

    beard trimmer?

    I do mysellf to shave my beard. I love my skin and I don't do someone else to rub my skin with hurry work of trimming.
  24. I have really depressed also last few days back, when I saw some hair falls in my bed when i wake up. I noticed that the hair loss is starting from the few days back. I have been propecia in a daily routine nearly 10-20 mg a day. But It is also some bad effect on the hair growth and I feels really depressed. I discuss this problems with the hair surgeon and He suggested me to take the Accutane, now I am using this and I really find some results.