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  1. There are so many issues behind the Acne problems. you shouls maintain proper and Healthy diet which can easily digest and gives nutrition to your health.
  2. Thanks for your greatful suggestion about the Acne problems.
  3. Just concern with Skin Specialist, I can't acknowledge the problems.
  4. This is seen as a Acne problems, But don't to worry about it.
  5. This is so serious problems. Do you have concern this with the doctor.
  6. Just maintain the nutritional health diet and Controls the junky foods which cause the acne problems.
  7. The acne problems can be cured by the Folic and Vitamin c.
  8. It just look like the same as Acne symptoms.
  9. I have been taking the Accutane in 20-30 gm as per daily dose and It's really control the problem.
  10. Must concetrate on your daily routine diet and activities to control the problem.
  11. There are no any fixed timie bound to cure this problems, But it depends upon the curement.
  12. Thanks for solving the Acne problems. This suggestion really works for the acne.
  13. rightsmith

    Oily Hair

    I should use Head and Shoulder shampoo for my hair to get out of the dandruff problems. The head and Shoulder contains the Ingredients which really effect the dandruff problems.
  14. rightsmith


    I had apply the yoghurt that really work well on my skin and I really get my skin dry too much.