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  1. I'm single because I simply don't fall in love with people. I don't think I'd dare either.
  2. Today in particular, not very splendid. It's been much worse, but I can't help but be a tad down today. I just want he crap to go away and leave me free of worries
  3. It ships to Europe. I've ordered a few times, but shipping is just about as much as the products themselves (depending on what you're getting). I got the big basic kit, and I had to let go of 114USD. Ouch... I'm seriously thinking of talking to a skin clinic and ask if they'll start selling it (if it's even possible).
  4. I'm still hooked on Meow Cosmetics. Minerals. Been using them for years.
  5. Ha, I'm not active here (at all) but checked my old e-mail. My scars are probably pretty much the same... I'm not quite sure. The thing is I've learned to live with having them. I'm not at ALL as worried about them anymore. I never thought this would come over me But surely, if people get very, very close to me, staring me straight up my face, I might get a little uncomfortable... but now that I think about it, that could be just plain "dude-you're-too-close" lol
  6. I use my DanKern cleanser and moisturizer. Though, be careful with the moisturizer; it stings a little (but maybe I just have a very sensitive eye area)-
  7. After being mistaken for a boy SEVERAL times in Japan, because of my short hair and INVISIBLE (blond) eyelashes, and perhaps also my clothing, I have started wearing makeup... I usually go with a liner, mascara and often also shadow... Only wear it on upper part of my eye, because I easily get to look like a raccoon, or my eyes get very small. My avatar is how I look on a daily basis (I know the quality is pretty low though).
  8. Very nice! I'm thinking about starting accutane like my sister, but have been doubting as I suffer from depression - though it may be linked to my acne, so I'll speak to my doctors!
  9. I'm Scandinavian - Danish, to be exact, and my skin has been FAR from clear! I got acne at 11 or 12, and have been struggling with it for YEARS! Finally though, it seems like I've got it somewhat under control! But I know many who don't have perfect skin
  10. Lol, cool! Though, obviously I wasn't in that interview- I'm not very good looking, and I have acne, sooo... But still, cool... Glad to know the rest of my country feels good xD
  11. You're joking, right? NOTHING wrong with your skin! I envy you!
  12. LOL - makes me think of the Japanese competitive eater, Takeru Kobayashi, haha! Anyways - no experience, sorry. (Just had to mention the Kobayashi I know )
  13. Meow is the answer No seriously, my skin can even look PRETTY with meow! It's magic
  14. That does sound quite a bit like me a few years ago... I ended up with an eating disorder, and is now on anti-depressants. She might have a point! My mum constantly asked if I was ok, wondering why I wouldn't go out more etc., etc., but I just said: "I'm fine..." Guess what - I WASN'T! Really listen to your mum. She's really not trying to be a bitch, but really trying to help you out. She DOES care about you, and the more you stay away from the public, the harder it will get to get back out. I
  15. Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold standard hasn't hurt me. Neither has Dymatize. (At least, I haven't noticed.) I don't think those two are too expensive