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  1. Really? My derm wouldnt let me go off accutane until I had no more active acne! Yeah it will get better! It stays in your body for about a month or so after you stop taking it!
  2. Hey! How are you? I finished my accutane about 3 months ago! Really happy that I went with it! My red marks are fading GREAT! I was just wondering what I could use on my face to make it kinda blend in better! Some areas are a little blotchy! I just want to kinda tone it and make it look more even! Thank you all.
  3. Of course you can wear make up! why are you asking random people? You should do what makes you feel better! I have a ton of male friends that wear make up....... Yes alot of them are gay, but even my metrosexual friends have powder! This world is full of gay people! You can be gay and do about anything these days! I know alot of gay actors! So do what you want! Just because you wear make up dosnt mean your gay! It means you wanna look your best!
  4. Hey! I had some light dents in my face.... I used the TCA that you can purchase at perfectcomplexion.net and I noticed a great different on the first peel! I am now doing my second peel!!! I love to do them cause they make your skin look so refreshed! It is worth a try! I know you will get results!
  5. You all know celebrities how they come off as perfect flawless ect... On an average day this is what they really look like http://www.worldofbritney.net/worried-wob.jpg That should make you feel better! Even Britney spears gets acne! Everyone goes threw it!
  6. Dont listen to people that never took accutane! They fear something they have never tried! I took accutane and 5 months later I am feeling GREAT! It isnt even half as bad as people think it is! Plus it really pisses me off that people who never took it are telling you what to do! I took it I know it works wonders! One of the best things I have ever done in my life! People are now asking me what I do to my skin instead of me being the one asking! It is such a nice feeling and I feel pretty! DO IT
  7. She dosnt have skin problems anymore! She hasnt had skin troubles for about 2 to 3 years! Her skin is amazing now! Perfect!
  8. I knew a kid in 9th grade that had acne he is now almost 18 and he has no more acne and he never went to the derm so I am not sure if the 18-19 peak thing is true!
  9. All I do right now is Wash with an all natural soap and Moisturize with an all natural moisturizer!
  10. Hi! I posted that picture of britney and her marks! Yes britney has acne! she still does! Britney tends to tan to even out her face but even without make up her once what were red marks are now brown marks so she does have brown marks all over her face. I got the picture from www.worldofbritney.com they have alot of high quailty pictures in there photo gallery site i think its wobpictures.com! They have alot of pictures of her without make up and she has acne and marks! Its life guys! We are all
  11. I started getting compliments on my skin 3 months after taking accutane! When I first seen my derm he asked me what I tryed ect. and all he wanted to do was put me on all the stuff my other derms put me on and i demanded Accutane! So he gave in because I mean its my mouth, my body, I can put whatever in it I want right? So I started it and my back started to hurt for the first 2 weeks so i layed off bending over ect. no biggie! I did get bloody noses.... Usually in the morning when I woke up but
  12. The funniest part about that is Jessica only had acne barely on her chin haha! When she was filimg her music video for "Just A Little Bit" They had to make the video look out of this world and make her look almost plastic because of her acne on her chin! But I seen her at that video shoot cause I am a fan! It was seriously 3 zits!!!!
  13. Hi! I was like you scared to take the Accutane until I talked to this really awesome lady who explained everything possible about accutane! I tryed everything for about 2 and a half years and nothing worked for me! I took accutane and now 5 months later I have the skin I always dreamed of! Accutane wasnt as bad and I expected it! Do what you feel is right in your heart but I am almost positive you wont regret it!
  14. So this is happening on your arms? I never experienced this while on accutane, I did have arm problems tho.... I got really rashy.. hmnnnn. I wonder what this is.