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  1. I understand, I ordered back in March and I was worried that it would never get to me, so I used their live chat option, I seemed to get replies immediately so I just ordered. It got to me with no problem, I was even provided a tracking number. But eBay also has sellers that sell kitoscell from time to time.
  2. On another there here regarding kitoscell someone received an email from kitoscell and they said that it works on stars that are even 30 years old! I also emailed them and they told me age was not a factor but that applying it 2-3x a day was key. I've only been using it for about 6 weeks and I see an improvement in color and the scar itself is relaxing but I am also not using 2x a day, only a night because it makes makeup shiny when in contact so I don't wear it during the day. It was
  3. I'm not sure if it works on atrophic scars. On their website kitoscell claims to work on all types of scarring and the age of the scar doesn't matter either according to them. But from what I've gathered from 5 years of Web surfing "how to get rid of scar tissue'' atrophic scar still needs to be broken down like any other scar tissue because it is actually a band of scar tissues tethered down that is creating the depression. which is exactly what kitoscell does-breaks down the fibrosis. Th
  4. I know without pictures there are huge doubts to the validity and credibility of my statement, But I genuinely wanted to share something that actually worked not only for regular hypertrophic scars but for burn scars (which seems to be the worst kind to get rid of). I do not have pictures because I for one could not stand the thought of looking at my deformed face in my phone's camera (gallery). I'd take pictures, then the next day I'd delete them upset and not wanting to see them on camera. I
  5. Well, I've been a lurker for years and finally decided to post. After years of seeing treatments that don't work and experiencing the sadness, depression of my burn scar I knew it was only right to post on the board about my success thus far with kitoscell. I've only been using it for 5 weeks and the improvement is giving me major hope. I've done it all derma rolling, copper, elicinia, TCA peels, lactic peels, scar cream everything but the expensive medical treatments. I am open to answer questi