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  1. I have been an active member on here in years past, but I would stop in here and there whenever acne came into my mind. I have tried a ton of products with my derms saying, "well, it looks like your really have tried everything." If you want to know specifically what I have tried, you can PM me, but I can assure you that I have tried it. I am now 20, and yes, acne did ruin my later high school years. I tried not to let it get to me, but I lost a ton of confidence. I finally gave accutane a try
  2. no. I would see a derm before it gets worse. Don't be too harsh with your skin. The redness around the nose looks like seb derm and the pustules look like acne. It is hard to treat both of them at the same time though, cause seb derm will flare up under most acne prescriptions. Try sulfur based products first.
  3. dude, that is a zit. Just pop it, but make sure to use a needle. Also, put the needle over a flame to sanitize it and then once popped, use a tissue with a tab of alcohol on the skin. There is no need to see a derm over one zit.....come on now. If there are more coming up, then I would for sure see a derm because the best practice to get ride of pustular acne is prevention and if they are deeper nodular, than accutane is the answer, despite what others may say. Of course, I would ask my derm
  4. what..don't go out in the sun! If you are, than wear a sunscreen. The sun will cause premature aging to your skin.....this is simply common knowledge. In now way does sun ever cure acne, especially seb derm. I would suggest an antifungal, but I don't think a steroid could justify as being a proper treatment.
  5. if you have pustles, then no. But if you have inflamed skin, then yes, but only temporary. I read online that some people have put their inflammation into remission by using steroids such as desonide, so maybe you will have a good reaction to it.
  6. i've also tried ketoconazole. it's just okay. it clears up for a few days and then comes back full force even if i haven't stopped using it. it's definitely better than doing nothing. no, no one has ever cured their seborrheic dermatitis once and for all. everything out there is just meant to keep it under control and hopefully get it into remission for as long as possible, from which i heard *can* be a couple of months but it usually only weeks or, more prevalently, days. i'm actively addin
  7. The thing is, is that I'm only 16 and I hav'nt stopped growing yet, not fully anyway, just a bit to go. Male pattern baldness won't affect me will it?, I thought MPB only came in fully grown adults usually around the age of 25 who had been fully grown for years and were starting to produce excess amountd of DHT. Please reply. Like I said, it is all genetic. The majority of people won't see MPB until they are 50, while others will see it in their late teens. It will start with a receding h
  8. The hair thins because the glands are shrinking. People often complain about hair loss because accutane will speed up what is called male patterness baldness, which is a genetic thing. I do not know how fast it speeds up the process, but I was told by my derm that accutane simply causes older hair to fall out faster, which does not imply a loss of the hair follecule itself, merey that the majority of your hair will be in the growing stage. If you search online about this topic, a lot of people
  9. "Retinoids work by altering the DNA transcription. Altering DNA decreases the size and output of the sebaceous glands. This treatment makes cells that enter the sebaceous glands less sticky making it hard for the formation of blackheads and whiteheads. It also helps to kill bacteria in the sebaceous glands as well as those found on the surface of the skin" source I don't see how drinking water would do anything..but then again I am not a biologist and either was the person spreading BS on th
  10. So I just saw this insert on wikipedia today about Roche discontinuing Accutane. Here is the link Roche Discontinues and Plans to Delist Accutane in the U.S Important to note that their market share is less than 5%, meaning that the cheaper generic brands have taken over. The article is interesting in that Roche attempts to defend itself by saying ".....[accutane] is not being taken [out] for reasons of safety or efficacy." But then later states, " Roche has been faced with high costs from p
  11. All antibiotics have side effects. If you read the insert, you will find ridiculous side effects that could potentially happen to you, but probably did not. My derm informed me that he has prescribed it for hundreds of people with the only side effects of dry lips/skin and nothing more. I have also read that people had similar accounts with their derms.
  12. Sounds like crap. It is really up to you now to find another dermatologist...you shouldn't let this get in your way. It may take another month to schedule, but it is better than nothing.
  13. right, well I finally got the tablets, but I felt as if I could get marijuana faster than this. The process is really annoying and there were a lot of phone calls and driving involved. I hope I only need to use this for 3 months or so because these monthly checkup will really kill me while I am at school. what are your thoughts in using either protopic/desonide/finacea at the same time as accutane? I have all three (lol) at my disposable. He said that I have minor seb derm around the mouth/nose
  14. blood tests are done in a lab somewhere probably not in your dermatology department. Chances are, it will be with Quest Diagnostics, formely known as Quest Labs. You can google search your area for one near you and get an appointment, or simply walk in and get it done. Takes about 5 mins...seriously.
  15. I would figure it is calculated by weight and severity