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  1. -picture below- well there is a sticky about body scaring.. what type of acne scaring is this? i really want to get rid of this scar or at least fade it quite a bit... i started getting acne about 4 years ago, and i got it on my chest which was REALLY itchy, and i scratched it alot which lead to this scar.... ive used accutane about 2 years ago, and my acne is pretty much gone, now i just have this scar on my chest... any ideas on how to get rid of it? or get it faded? picture:
  2. accually i dont have very much irritation at all... my most common sideeffects is just chaped lips.... i asked my derm if i should be puting other cream on my face... he said it would cause my face to be 2 dry... but its been a month, still looks ok to me. i just want to make sure that doing the CSR will not effect my results with accutane... because CSR it accually making the acne on my face go away faster.
  3. sry if this is a report... i searched the forums but couldnt find anything... i was just wondering if its ok to do CSR while on accutane? and is anyone else doing this? i have been on accutane for about 2 months... and CSR for bout 1... all the big nodules are gone... just bunch of red small pimples...