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  1. Hello all. A little over a year ago, September 2015 to be exact, I took my last accutane pill. Most of the side effects have gone away but I am still battling dry lips. Does anyone have any clue as to how to fix this? I have to carry chapstick with me everyday. I have to apply it 3-5 times an hour to feel comfortable. I miss my normal lips I don't even know what kind of doctor to go to for this.
  2. I took my last round of Accutane in September of 2015. It is now August of 2016 and I am still feeling the dry lips that Accutane caused. Each day I apply at least 10-15 coats of chapstick. I stay extremely hydrated because if I don't my lips will shrivel up and fall off. Does anyone have any idea why this happened to me? Honestly, it is worth it to me because I still have no cystic acne on my back, but it is extremely irritating having to constantly make sure that I have a thing of chapstick on
  3. The Worries I am writing this to log my life after taking Accutane and the gradual return of acne on my body and the side effects that I am living with. After I stopped my course in September of 2015, I was nearly clear of all acne. Two months later, it is making a gradual return. It is not on my back at all right now, aside from one on the side of my chest, but, for the most part, it is red lumps on my chest. I'm extremely worried that it is going to make a vengeful return, but I am doing
  4. I suffered from body acne for a good portion of my life. I have had it on my back, thighs, bottom, all the worst places ever. For whatever reason -- thank the heavens -- I did not have it on my face. I decided to start Accutane in March and I stopped the treatment in September. I took 80/mg a day for 6 months in its entirety. I was clear almost all over, with a focus on my back since that is where it was cystic and bad. Two months later, I seem to be breaking out again but not on my back (so muc
  5. You're very welcome! What has gotten me through my horrible acne was the thought that I am more than just a human with bad skin. I am a person who still contributes to society, who still makes people happy and smile. I like to think, "Did Einstein have acne? Did anyone significant in history have acne?" And the answer is, yes! But we don't talk about that because we don't care about that. It's all about how you are moving throughout the world. So what if some people talk badly about your skin? O
  6. I'm really sorry you feel this way. I felt -- and sometimes still do feel -- what you feel now. I think it's wonderful that you are getting help from a therapist. I hope they can help you emotionally, and if you ever need it, I can be supportive of you as much as I can. Just send me a message anytime. I hope you feel better about yourself.
  7. After an enthralling 8 years of back acne, I seem to have gotten it under control with the use of Isotretinoin. I have lots of scars of my back, but I have trouble describing them. They look bumpy, but when you feel my back they aren't bumpy. Those scars cover my upper back. My lower back isn't bad at all -- I have no trouble showing that off. My shoulders suffered with some white scarring, but I've come to terms with that and I'm able to wear tanks now! I still have some red marks, but those sh
  8. I am ending my sixth month on September 15th. After this long and cruel battle with acne, as of right now, it is gone off of my back. Of course, there are scars, but I think I can manage with those. It's quite liberating, but I still want to do something about the scars. For all the people who are wanting to start Accutane for any type of acne, for me, it worked. Although you may go through some rough patches, the acne will go away. It did in my case. Now let's hope that it stays away -- I have
  9. Today I decided to take my dog out on a walk at a trail near my house. Today was also the day that I wore a tank top in public for probably the first time in my life. It was liberating, but still terrifying for me. I'm still incredibly insecure of the scarring I have on my shoulders, but I am slowly starting to realize that it isn't that big of a deal to other people. My shoulders and shoulder blades are covered in a slew of small white scars, they aren't raised or bumpy, but they are visible. T
  10. Very excited to almost begin my fifth month of Isotretinoin. It has been very helpful, as of right now I have no acne on my back. If I didn't have a bunch of scars I would totally go out without a shirt on right now. Unfortunately, I do, but I really do believe that I can fade them enough over time to be able to take my shirt off. My lips are so dry though, my co-workers have became a bit worried about me (I haven't told anyone that I am taking isotretinoin). I just play it off. I can't wait to
  11. I forgot to add this in my last post! For whatever reason, my derm wants me to start taking 90mg a day for my last 3 months rather than the 80mg I have been doing. I will start my day with a 40mg pill, take a 10mg pill in the middle of the day, and then another 40mg pill at night. Seems a bit unneeded, but I am assuming it's what is best for me. I didn't question it like I should have, it makes me worry that the pills aren't giving the outcome she thought they would. This is also going to be a p
  12. This week has been pretty tough for me. I'm not sure what happened, but I went through some serious episodes of sadness and crying spells for about two days. I was extremely upset about the scarring on my back and the fact that it happened to me. I sat in my bed and cried and felt empty and distant, only getting up to use the bathroom and to eat. It's probably the medication. Although it has been making me very upset, I have to push through and keep my head up so I can get over this. Today I had
  13. Yesterday marked the beginning of month 4! Currently have two small pimples on my back, but progress has been made! I'm still feeling a bit down about the scarring, but I am trying really hard to stay positive. It's really frustrating to have back acne. I feel if I had facial acne I'd be a bit more confident since people would just know and they'd accept it. It's hard to have any type of relationship when you have a hidden problem. I definitely won't be dating until I feel 100 percent confident
  14. June is approaching fast. My 3rd month of Accutane is almost over. My acne has definitely subsided substantially. I have just one pimple on my back right now. During my first two months I was getting worried, but now when I feel my back it's such a wonderful feeling to feel it's smoothness. The only thing I am worried about now is the scarring. I have hyperpigmentation and some other type of scarring I can't identify. It's not really visible up close, but when I back away and look at my back und
  15. Hey there! I thought I'd begin a blog to detail my experience with back acne and Accutane since I don't see much about body acne on here. I first started to develop acne on my back when I was in 8th grade (13 years old), and since then it has just been a nightmare for me. I haven't taken my shirt off in public since then. I began my Accutane course on March 3, 2015. Really, my acne isn't as bad as others on here, but I do have a lot of scarring from waiting so long to treat it which leads to my