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  1. hey all i would like to go to bronzage while on the regime any specific problems with doing so? Any steps or procedures i should follow?
  2. Hey all, I started appliying aha on a nightly basis lately and i get alot of flakes, i hardly ever flaked with bp, while aha is making it very hard to keep up?? Morning i wash and use bp and then moisturize and at night i wash, bp and then aha as my moisturizer. Am i doing anything wrong or is this normal, because i would look really bad using aha in the morning!
  3. It's just a mess cutting them, and i ge tabout 2 more weeks worth cutting them so i would lose alot of bp by throwing it, the tapping the bottle trick doesn't work.
  4. Topic title says it all. I kind of liked the tubes for various reasons, any way to order the ones we prefer? Thanks!
  5. I've did some searching and no answer seems to exist on how to use the aha properly?
  6. With tubes we used to cut them, what are others doing now with the newer bottles? I can't seem to be able to squeeze all of it out, and basically losing alot of bp from tossing it away. It's aggravating to get the bp out while trying to apply the gel as you get some at a time out.
  7. The blue squeezable was way more proffesional in look and feel. I really think the pump does not help bp come out as easily as the tube. What happened here, how many people would of complained about this. No offense its a great product, just looks more cheap as a product, im embarrased to keep it out on my counter. Compared to the blue tube, the tube seemed more like a medicine cream, now it looks like a baby bubble bath pump!!!
  8. Hey guys, how come Dan changed the bottles, sure they are bigger in size but how much bp will be lost with the new pump bottles. Before we can cut it up and really finish off the content. Any tips? Why the change to a pump and 8 or 16 oz, really who cares, its only cents cheaper un less im missing something here? Thanks!
  9. Hey everyone, Is it possible that the bp can bleach dye jewlery, especially putting it on with rings on?
  10. I recently have been losing alot of hair, and cant figure out why? My hair is itchy and i constantly run my fingers through my hair, and i shed alot, very annoying!
  11. Has anyone else attempted to use a tint to hide blemishes or red spots when clear and still using DKR? I want to try the jergens brand daily face moisturizer with spf. I want to fix my complexion but am clear. Odd red marks and abit of redness still visible on face from bp.
  12. Hi Dhl is probably more convenient but to canada way more expensive, why is there no other options like ups or fedex?