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  1. yeah the sun definatley makes me clear up alot its great. on top of that it gives me a nice tan that hides any marks i get. SUmmer rocks
  2. ttack


    i use it everday wen i go to sleep. I dont know how much it helps redmarks, but it definately makes ur face look super soothed and not red in the morning. It really calms ur face down. Doesnt make me break out extra, and i assume its helping with my redmarks going away. I like it.
  3. yeah and with their squinty eyes they can hardly see anything anyways
  4. i like bio oil it does help fade marks and for me it didnt give me break outs
  5. happy bday :)

  6. I found that what really works well for oilyness isnt something that is applied externally, because just washing or wiping ur face only gets rid of it temporarily it will jsut come back. What you need to do is somehow have ur body stop producing oil in the quantities that are concidered too much, otherwise just washing ur face more will keep ur facing being oily. What i did and im sure will work for everyone else is B5. YOu dont have to take it forever , just take a good dose for a week or so a
  7. i got back with my gf after she cheated. it took forever for me to believe that she really was sorry and now things are even better than when we first got together.