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  1. May i ask you how much mg you Were given, when u Got enjected? I Got 10 mg of cortisone, and my hypertrophic scar, fint went so bad. I Think you Got too much enjection
  2. If people are having trouble with this. Go to your dermatologist and ask for kenalog shot 10 mg. This will flatten Them comepletly, and it Will look so much better. I did that and it worked for me!
  3. Hello everyone. Ive been on accutane for 10 months, and i had a totally clear chest before ive started, and the zits that popped up on my chest, Would heal pretty quickly, but since ive stopped by using accutane, 3 ugly zits that wont pop showed up on my chest. Its like 2.5 months since ive ended my course, and the bumps are still there. I feel like my skin around my chest is alive, and something is crawling in there. Can any1 please give me any advice, on what it is, and how i can get rid of t
  4. Hello everyone. Ive been taking accutane for 9 months now, and im totally clear on my face, chest, back except for the back of my neck. Im still getting huge cysts 1 or 2 at the time. Its always the same 4 spots, where the cysts appearing. Anyone experienced this before? It is really annoying, and its killing my self confidence... Ive heard that when you end a cure, you Will clear up around 1 or 2 months later. Is that right? Anyone else who can help me getting rid of my back og neck acne? Its s
  5. Stuff and start on accutane... No other medicine Will help your acne.you want to suicide, but you wont take accutane. Why are you even here then?... Trust me the more you wait to start taking accutane, the more scars Will appear, the day you realise, that your acne wont go away without accutane
  6. Well if you have bad acne, go ahead and take accutane for sure... People talking about the side effects are shit. Yes you Will get dry around your mouth (Apply 70% locobase around your mouth after a shower, and you wont notice any scalp during the day. Your lips Will also get really dry, so remember to have a lipstick in your pocket all day long. All the other side effects wont come 4 sure. And please follow my advice... In my first accutane course, i had to stop before my finish, because my sk
  7. Seems like we have the same problem mate... Im wondering if you Ever tried accutane for your acne, and dis it work at all or not?
  8. Hello. I hope you can help me with this question. Since i was 15 years old, i have dealt with extreme acne all over my body. When i was around 18 years old i started taking accutane for the first time. I ended up stopping first course after 5 months, because my face got destroyed by the pills. Well the accutane did some really good results all over my body, except for the back of my neck. I still had large cysts around my hairline, and everytime one of the dissapeared, a new one was rising. Now