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  1. Hi, Thanks for the reply, where can i get a liquid version of this from? Regards
  2. Hi all, I have moderate amount of red/brown marks on my cheeks from ache. Has anyone used this product? Does it work against red/brown marks? Here's the link http://www.westonsinternet.co.uk/acatalog/...ers_3043.html#a Scroll all the way down, it's the last product.
  3. Can i use lo salt that i get from supermarkets and then add water and wash my face?
  4. Will taking Kojic Acid be the same as putting Kojic Acid on your face??? There's this herbs shop in my town that i can get Kojic Acid in tablet form in.
  5. Hi all, i am a new mandelic acid user, i bought the 15% serum, this is my second time i've been using it now, i put it one everynight since 2 nights ago. no effects yet but its making my face extremely dry and flakey, i had my driving lessons today too and i just looked like crap with my dry and flakey skin so i decided to put some moisturiser on.
  6. Hey Enter the dragon, just hang in there! you never one day it will all stop and you will be as happy as ever! Just keep hanging in there. I just checked out your pictures and to tell you the proof, your face has improved ALOT and i am not saying this to suck up to you or be nice, i actually mean this, i mean take a look at the 1st page compared to the 4th page of pictures, extremely noticible difference, whenever you feel down, compare your old pictures to the ones on the 4th page I underst
  7. Thanks for the advice and reply Liv, i just want a product that clears the pores with saliycidic acid in it and a gentle exfoliator, but since i haven't seen a product that has this, i thought i can combine those 2 clean and clear products together. Does anyone know of a product that has the ingredient saliycidic acid in it and is a gentle exfoliator at the same time? Thanks.
  8. Hi all, Is it ok to use this.... http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...randFilter=8214 and this http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...randFilter=8214 at the same time in the mornings and evenings? I want the 1st one to get rid of the spots and the second one to gently exfoliate my skin, is that ok or will it be rubbish for my skin? Thanks