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  1. Thursday September 21: I went to the dermatalogist for the first time ever and we had a weird conversation. He said my back acne wasn't as bad and that's a good sign. However, he did talk about the fact that I was picking at my pimples/acne. Hmm... So he persribed me Tetracycline and a 5.0% BP. He told me to rub the BP hard as heck into my skin so it would absorb. The problem is that if I do, won't my skin be all redish from rubbing too hard? The dermatalogist told me to take 3 pills of 500 mg T
  2. Yea thats awesome... just be yourself and like nobody will care about your face Awesome jj3501. Yep. That's what I do except only with my friends. On another note, there's at least always one bad skinned girl/guy in a group of the popular kids.
  3. Beautiful people get it easier, usually. Of course, there are some exceptions and they actually wouldn't mind having bad skin friends or whatever. None of my clearskined friends say much to me about acne and that's fine. That's cuz they're not that shallow as others. In the corporate world, looks will be important especially if someone's gonna do news or go into something where a camera is involved or if the job is high pay, etc.
  4. If they're like that, they aren't your friends. The closest friends are ones who will be there for you whenever possible, trying to help you in anyway, and having a mutual friendship for each other. I'm sure some of your friends care about your appearance and try to tell you to try to get rid of your acne. There are different ways to tell if he/she is a close friend by the way he/she talks about your acne (if they do. Most of my friends don't talk about acne to me much but sometimes by saying so
  5. For me, I liked this girl and still do and I told her that I liked her but but she kinda said no. It's all cool though. I'd rather have her as a friend than a girlfriend. IMO, I'm still planning on finding the "perfect" girl. Hugging is always nice but it's basically a friendly version of a kiss. No Pride summed it up nicely.
  6. I have alot of friends that started to lose their hair earlier than 23. Their solution? Shave the head. It's easier to manage and plus it looks hardcore. That's actually a really great idea.
  7. So yeah. Today was my first day of school. I only had 4 real classes since I had 2 free blocks and one cancelled class since the teacher couldn't make it today. It was awesome. I got to meet the majority of my friends and some were even in my classes. This is gonna be a GREAT year. We went to the center after first block and just chilled during free. My acne was actually good today (compared to last year). I mean, I didn't touch it today or look in the mirror at school in the bathroom and when
  8. Whoa. That's pretty bad. I mean, he won't say that in front of you but he might with other people. For me, people say that I should try to get rid of it and they're only trying to convince me that I become clear soon but yeah, noone's ever said that to me ever.
  9. I live in a suburb near Boston. Massachusetts is a great state for colleges. Lots of top colleges are here. Top picks include Harvard, MIT, Boston University, Boston College (actually not in Boston...), Williams, Amherst (both in the "rural" west of Massachusetts), Umass Amherst (state school). Yeah, I pretty much got that.
  10. lucky! Lol We have 7 classes a day.... and its the same everyday Whoa. 50 people? The most we have is 30 people max usually high 20s in a class. We have classes 4 times a week except for lab sciences like Bio, Chem, Physics. Study halls? LOL, we have free blocks where you can do whatever you want, go off campus (The center is less than a mile away).
  11. If they don't ask, I wouldn't worry about it. I'd go out pretending your acne isn't there or it's not as bad.
  12. Mine's Thursday... I think there's already been a topic but I'm too lazy to read through all those pages on there. o my bad oh thats cool, I was nervous to going back to school but its been ok I guess, but I hope my red marks heal a lot before I have gym Heh. I don't bother trying in gym. I mean, I do try if it's like frisbee or dodgeball but I've never broken a sweat in gym except maybe strenght/fitness which is lifting but it's not intense sweating. I think my acne looks a lot bett
  13. Cortizone shot injections at the temple? I always thought it was on the arm or on the back. It might be dirt, idk. For me, I have scars that haven't healed for well over 4 months. Sometimes, I get this bump (kinda like a pimple) and my skin grows over it so there's like a piece of puss or hard thing beneath my skin. It feels really weird. Is your skin smooth? I mean, my scars are visible but not too bad although they are large but my skin feels smooth throughout my face except for a couple of
  14. That sucks. I've never had to face that yet but perhaps in the future. I'd probably not say anything.
  15. Mine's Thursday... I think there's already been a topic but I'm too lazy to read through all those pages on there.