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  1. Great for removing makeup

    This stuff doesn't really work great as a facial scrub, it dries out the skin so bad and just doesn't do anything to the acne or blemishes. On the other hand, it's an amazing makeup remover. This stuff literally dissolves any and all makeup, including on brushes and sponges. Will dry out the skin, though, I'd recommend using a heavy duty moisturizer if you're gonna use this often.
  2. deb9743

    really great cleanser!

    really great cleanser!

    i'm fifteen and i'm going through that nasty acne stage. i've been using this cleanser for a year now, and i have yet to find a better one. it lathers up JUST enough and it rinses very easy and leaves my skin soft. it works amazing with my benzaclin gel and moisturiser. and you don't have to use a lot, so it goes a long way + it's pretty cheap. i also personally love the smell! just an overall great cleanser
  3. surprisingly pretty good!

    i just tried this out on my face, i've been using this for years on wounds and it's always worked super fast. it works good on acne too! for me, it doesn't clog my pores and in one night a big nasty zit i had shrunk into less than half its size. i will continue using this as a quick spot treatment.
  4. disappointing

    stings like HECK and leaves a ton of oil on my face, never did anything to my acne either.
  5. only for use on the big pimples

    i only use this on the bigger pimples, it just makes it go away faster.
  6. clears acne good

    this stuff works amazing, it clears my pimples and blackheads real quick. the only downside? dries my face out like a rice cake. after using, i immediately have to apply moisturizer or else my face gets flaky and too tight.
  7. deb9743

    amazing mask!

    amazing mask!

    used this today, i already see and feel the results. my redness is nearly gone and the irritating zit i had has shrunk in size and hurts a lot less. although the mask feels horrible (i wanted to scratch it off), it sure does work good! id say give it a go. i made it using water and....you got it, aspirin! nothing else. i simply let 4 aspirins soak in warm water for 10 minutes and it became a chunky paste, applied it, waited 15 minutes, and rinsed off with warm water. make sure to moisturize aft