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  1. ok so i have mild to moderate acne...i occasionally get cysts near my time of the month. i was put on retin a about a month ago, i havent had much of a difference in breakouts, but i have had a lot of dryness and flaking. it sucks cause i have been trying to use mineral makeup to not clog my pores, but when i apply it i look all flaky and gross! so i have been wanting to exfoliate, but i dont know if i should be... i also wanted to know if it is ok to use a mask once in a while. oh and my frie
  2. my skin is getting super dry and i have only been using retin a for a week..plus i got sick this weekend so i am all chappy... i was wondering what moisturizer is good to use at night i guess, cause i use olay complete spf during the day man i really hope retin a works out! i am so impatient...and i hate this itchy burning peely skin....
  3. im excited to try it! but im scared about the initial breakout & redness/scaling.... i hope it helps! wish me luck
  4. i get mine at wal mart, but i think they have it at grocery / drugstores
  5. ehh it is really not worth it just get some witch hazel and tea tree oil thats what worked for me
  6. i have had moderate bacne for about 5 years. i always hated it because i could never wear tanktops in the summer without feeling embarassed. but in the past year i have found something that really works for me. every night i get a cotton pad, put a good amount of witch hazel on it and apply it all over my back and chest. sometimes i use 2 or 3 pads to cover the area. then after it dries a bit, i apply tea tree oil (i either spot treat with a qtip or put some on a pad and apply all over) i do th
  7. how much green tea a day should i drink if i want to see results? should i drink it after meals, in the morning?
  8. well with bc, i dont want to gain weight and i just dont like the idea of it, things like strokes/blood clots and me being a smoker making it a bigger risk. ehh i just dont like it. i also dont think my acne is so severe that products besides accutane wont help it, i just have never tried prescription products for my face at all.
  9. i will hopefully be going to the derm soon about my mild cystic acne (it usually occurs 2 weeks before period with a couple small cysts popping up on each side of my face and chin/jawline) i just want to be well versed in what the derm will recommend to me. i dont want to go on accutane and/or birth control, so hopefully there is something else that will help me!
  10. thank you for the info! i eas getting so easily discouraged because it seemed like accutane/bc was the only option
  11. hi i am a new poster to these msg boards, but i have been lurking for a while. i have had very moderate acne since age 11, but since november of last year i have had a couple cysts popping up. at first it was just one. then in march it was 3. now it is like 5. i have been getting very aggrivated because i dont know if it is somthing i am doing or if it purely hormones causing this activity. i have had good receptiveness when i go get them extracted by a facialist. i was just wondering what other