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  1. MONTH 2/WEEK 4: Done with my first month! Though I've been a bit sporadic in my regimen. I've been sick and way overworked/busy, so applying Tretinoin has been of low priority relatively speaking, and I forget. And BP? Maybe every other morning? But regardless of all this, something seems to be working! I have a scattering of small comedomes--really just on the surface--of my cheeks, but other than that, not much at all. In fact, that's the only problem right now. And as far as I know, I didn't
  2. Ooh, good topic. I have pretty long lashes, but I still wear mascara. So I'd still do that. And blush. Definitely blush. Maybe some bronzer. I don't use bronzer now because I feel like it would look bad on the icky skin underneath. I didn't realize so many people wore lip color. Maybe I should try it out sometime.
  3. WEEK 2: Day 11: So, my skin is getting worse, it seems. I guess I'll just have to wait it out. Day 12: Ick, and more ick. I know that IB using doesn't start until week three, but I'm hoping this might be the start of mine. The quicker it's over, the better. Oh, I'm so impatient.
  4. I know that Victoria's Secret sells 32D. You can probably get some on clearance for around 15-20 dollars.
  5. I knew just by the title of this that it would be an awesome log. I feel a hell of a lot better, reading this. Thanks for the inspiration, and good luck! I'll be keeping track. P.S. LOVED the story.
  6. Thanks! Yeah, I've already decided not to apply any tonight, and give my face a little break.
  7. Lala, The first one is actually much *more* expensive! £114.95 is about 226 U.S. dollars. Also, the plug probably won't fit into U.S. outlets. Also, Mandy-Ann, how is the wet-to-straight one? I hate having to dry my hair first. Too much time and effort...not to mention that I don't have a blow dryer at school.
  8. Thanks so much! My face is actually stinging right now, hours after my morning routine (which doesn't include the tretinoin, of course). The irritation isn't too bad though, so I guess I'll just stick with it. I know that's what I have to do.
  9. I've only used Tretinoin cream (0.025 %) twice so far, but when I woke up this morning, my face was horribly dry and flaking, even though I am still using moisturizer in the morning (I'm also using BP in the morning). My face has also broken out with quite a few inflamed zits since I started, but I really doubt this could be part of the IB, since that's supposed to happen at 2-3 weeks. Why am I so dry already, and what can I do about it (short of stopping the BP--I go to school in less than
  10. Here goes: WEEK 1 Day 1: Skin condition: one deep and painful sucker--not much on the surface, but it feels pretty big and angry under the skin. Another baby inflamed one, a few whiteheads, and a mess of blackheads across my nose. The cream went on pretty well, but my face turned sort of red. Weird, because it didn't sting or anything. My neck itches though. Odd. Day 2: Ahhhhhh! Huge break out. I got SIX new zits. I can't believe this happened. It can't be the Retin-A already, right?
  11. Yeah, my teeth are super-sensitive. My mom says I had enamel problems when I was younger. :/ Oh well, the pain goes away, but the white teeth last a while. *g*
  12. Oh wow! I thought she looked good without makeup, too. But the makeup made her look really pretty, and yes, like Keira Knightley when she smiled. She needs to teach me.
  13. Awesome! I'll get them in about a week, so I'll post pics then!