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  1. I have some pretty bad redmarks compared to the other people who posted pictures on this board. I see their pics and I'm like "Wow, you're complaining/worried about that?" Anyways, I've been using Aqua Glycolic cleanser + Moisturizer combo for a month now and uploaded progress pics onto my gallery if anyone wants to see. I don't even know if it has been helping, but it hasn't gotten worse, so I'll keep going until I run out.
  2. Helps your marks appear less splotchy, but after 1+ week of use still has not had any noticeable effect on fading redmarks I'll continue to use it and see how it goes
  3. I've been using ACV every day for a week now and will continue to do so until about Sept 22. I'll be taking pictures each week for comparison. My red marks are pretty frickin bad, so this will satisfy those people who are complaining about SP's pics. I don't use any other products and wash my face with normal soap. So far, I haven't seen any noticeable difference, but let's see if this will change with more time. Check the progress here