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  1. hopfensp: I tried B5 for about a month and I liked the results. I just hated having to take that many pills a day. I quite taking it about 3 weeks ago. I just ordered some pantethine yesterday and I will probably start taking 900 mgs of that. Now hopfensp, you said that if people who are on B5 they should take the B5 and pantethine together and slowly diminsh themselves off the B5. What should I do in my situation? Should I just take the pantethine? Or do I need to start back up on B5 as well
  2. As long as your face is not dry, red, irriated, and flakey; then you should be fine. If your face ends up like that, then you are putting to many products on your face and that leads to overdrying and irritation. And that can make your problem worse.
  3. A vitamin is a vitamin. The GNC brand is more expensive than the some of the brands on the internet, but it is just as effective.
  4. How's the B5 regimine going Mark?
  5. Evolution X: 400 capsules, 500 mg each $39.95 Vitamin Shoppe: 300 capsules, 500 mg each $17.97 You do the math.
  6. I started out on 100 mg of zinc and I have had no problems. I probably should of started out on a smaller does and worked my way up, but I already had a bottle of 100 mg pills of zinc at my house.
  7. I take it right before bed and I don't have a problem
  8. Damn I wish I had time to do all that in a day. I'm sure if you stick with that for awhile the chlorine will help clear up your acne.
  9. Hey it sounds like you have a good regimine going on. I would also start taking a pill of 100 mg of Zinc each day. This will help your current acne heal faster.