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  1. We went to the doctor today and were told the usual: Stay on the antibiotic, keep using the Tretin X. The only thing he added was a prescription for some cleansing pads for her to use twice a day. He did a procedure where he had this tweezer-type thing and took out blackheads. She said it didn't hurt, it just felt "weird". He wouldn't even discuss Accutane because of her age and the side affects. He didn't want her using the BP because it would "dry out her face". I asked about moisturiz
  2. I just want to thank you all for your support and advice. I will try to persuade my daughter to join this board for emotional support. I think the regimen will be tolerable to her because she is already used to a daily schedule (3 pills per day/2 Tretin X cleanings per day). Also, I definitely feel more prepared to stand up to the doctor tomorrow now that I have been given a wealth of information from you guys. Thanks so much for that. I have a notepad of questions ready. You've also hel
  3. It took me some time to figure it out, but here's a picture of her. I blacked out all identifiable features so there would be no reason for her to be upset that I posted it here. Hopefully, it will allow you more experienced people here to help us deal with her skin. Thank you all so much for your support and advice. I can't thank you enough. [attachmentid=5706]
  4. She was on Minocycline from February to the end of March, but she was allergic (broke out in hives and swelled up) and he changed her to Erythromycin (she's currently on). I completely understand now, though, to not fully rely on the dermatologist. I'm disappointed, and I admit surprised, that after a year of treatment, there is still a major problem and now it has ballooned into such an emotional one. If he tells us to continue on with this program after I tell him what this poor girl has be
  5. My daughter has been suffering for a year with acne. It covers her face, from her forehead down to her chest - including back and shoulders. I have been taking her to our dermatologist since August of last year - about a few months after we realized normal cleansing was not going to treat it properly. It has been absolute hell for her. After trying salicylic treatments, the doctor has been treating her with antibiotics and Tretin-X. This hasn't been working either, yet he insisted we give