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  1. Thnx guys i think i'll go with MAC then
  2. Anybody used MAC's studio fix and NARS powder foundation? Which one did u prefer? Or which brand do u prefer if you've tried anything from either of them? NARS powder foundation is $20 more expensive.. Is it better?
  3. so today was my last day.. kinda sad, i cant wait for the flushing and red eyes to go away though. very excited. ill be maintaining with Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Nightly Renewal Cream MANY people have said it makes their marks dissapear and their skin glow. im convinced farewell tane, you were a great friend for a couple months. ill never forget you =) and many many many thanks. ill probably post again if something dramatic happens if i start breaking out or if im continuously clear. oh
  4. aw.. it sounded like a good combo to me..too bad =[ i think ill stick with the retinol cream then, ill probably look for the original stronger one i was looking for when i go down to florida because i looked everywhere for it here with no luck. with bpi only swell when it gets close to my eyes or if i use a high percentage. i dont know its awfully confusing some months i can use it no problem at all with no irritation what so ever and other times it makes me a red swollen mess?
  5. Is there anyway i could get a lower % bp? Like .5 or 1%.. I need something to maintain my course of accutane and benzoyl peroxide used to work well untill i became sensitive to it.. 2.5% makes my skin really really red and sometimes swollen, even when i use the even slightest amount. Is there a way i could dilute it myself? I was thinking of diluting it with this cream i have that contains retinol (very small amount of retinol, its VERY gentle and REALLY moisturizing) so it would be a bp &
  6. skin is clear. i love it, although i have to continue wearing make up till the end of my course and until the flushing and redness fades after. i also bought a very VERY mild cream with retinol from neutrogena.. i was aiming for a stronger version from neutrogena that got REALLY good reviews on multiple sites but i went to 3 stores and ended up settling for the really mild version that probably wont do much. after i use up that tube ill buy the kind i wanted off the internet.. something lovely
  7. no. go for it. the initial breakout probably wont be any worse than a typical breakout that you'd have. It really never is that bad, i think its really made out to be worse since people think they shouldnt be experiencing any breakouts while on accutane, when thats not the case and most stop breaking out soon after 3rd month. Some sooner some later. Accutane was & still is a miracle. Its sort of a bumpy path but the sooner you start the sooner you end with clear skin. I dont see how the side
  8. hi i havnt stopped by here in a while but i thought i should.. altho i really liked the idea of using natural gentle things for my skin, either the zum or grapeseed oil was causing me to break out.. i really liked the zum soap and how nice the goats milk was but it didnt work for me.. im still glad i got it and ill probably use it to wash my hands or shave my legs i may try the canus soap in combination with complex 15 after i finish my accutane course. i dont want to mess up my skin near
  9. Theres this neutrogena night cream that has been getting really good reviews where ever i see it.. I think im deffinitly going to be purchasing it within the next couple days. Neutrogena Nightly Renewal Cream.. Its a retinol and aha product. I'd using it sparingly at first because i guess some people have experienced a little irritation. Its cheaper than green cream but has the same principle..
  10. Lmaoo.. I think i might put that in my signature if u dont mind.. Probably the funniest thing i've ever heard here. Goodluck with your course =) Accutane is a miracle.
  11. Updaaate =) Movin up to 80mgs for a week or so to finish off. I decided i wanna be done before spring break so i'm cutting it off a little early. I think my break outs are done and i'm pretty happy with my skin. I'll probably do 10-20mg for a couple weeks to sort of maintain and taper off.
  12. How long after finishing accutane will the redness and flushing/blushing go away. I get soo red, across my cheeks like sunburn when ever i'm embarrassed or hot or running/working out. This never happened before accutane. Now my face always has a sort of pink/red tint to it.. What about blood shot eyes too?
  13. Yeah everytime i spot treat with bp it turns into a big white head but i always thought that helped speed up the process by moving the infection closer to the surface...
  14. Your skin looks really great =) & aw ur so cute..
  15. Please dont take that much vitamin A. Taking large amounts of vitamin A is toxic.. Accutane is so wonderful, i havnt felt depressed even for a second while being on it. In fact i'm even more happy because my acne is nearly gone. Your skin becomes so perfect and if your derm lets you, i think you should go for it. Often people regret not doing it sooner because the longer you wait the more scars you'll have from the acne.