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  1. ok so i know its best to take accutane with a meal and one thats high in fat etc however does not eating much else during the day matter?? i make sure i have a good meal with my accutane like chicken breast with LOTS of broccolli and then lots of flax seed oil capsules for the fats butthe rest of the day i dont each mucch else at all like maybe a protein shake in water and another peice of chicken some days ill only eat the one meal the on i take with accutane and i do this for a few days then i
  2. i dunno im pretty laid back, easy goin, joke around alot. dont take nothin to seriously i guess. everything is a bit of a joke to me. alot of guys are like the guys u were tlakin about, like most guys guys u know. i know im alot like that and all my mates are the same. not really interested in attention from gilrs, much rather have mates respect. although i think if girls stopped talkin to me and flirting etc etc id probably miss it.
  3. ......... either you stroll around naked 24/7 or youre one big hypocrite thats just plain stupid, i hope your not serious with that comment. but you know what in saying so if for some reason i was with a chic and she saw me without clothes on and all of a sudden she didnt like what she saw and no longer found me attractive...maybe she likes guys with the cock the size of a horse or something and i didnt meet her standards...i wouldnt consider her to be shallow.
  4. Nah it didn't piss me off. It made me feel really, really sorry for you. Oh wait, I shave my legs, that's not being my true self is it? That's not how I really am. Oh shoot I might as well stop tweezing too.........and oh while i'm at it, i'll stop working out and doing my hair, because that's keeping me from looking like a naturally do. :razz: in a way i agree with you. im competitive bodybuilder (bare with me)...so when i dont have a competition coming up in the next few months i tend
  5. i think your worrried too much about being rejected or not making a good enough impression or something like that. the only reason why guys have confidence with women is either because they are just arrogant and think their better anyway or because they just dont give a shit if they are rejected or what the person thinks of them. you gotta face facts that you are going to get rejected and you cant please everyone, thats life everyone does so dont worry about it. i remember when i first start
  6. lol i knew that last comment might piss you off, but honestly with make-up on your not really your true self are you??? look i can agree that this guy obviously has high standards for physical appearance however i dont think he should be criticised for that. as long as hes not a prick about it, which i can see he may have been BUT, obviously didnt mean to say what he did and felt bad about it also. i have high standards too, however not so much physically. i couldnt date someone thats not fair
  7. You're missing the point that he found her attractive enough to bring her flowers & kiss her. The fact that he is turned off by some acne scars (which he only realized she had when he felt them; he didn't even notice them when he looked at her without makeup) does make him pretty shallow. Who would write someone off you like, personality & physically, because of a few scars? That is LAME. He's probably regretting his childish reaction...and if not he will have a hard lesson to learn th
  8. ...are you serious?? how can you NOT call him superficial!? He clearly liked her since he did all those things for her but once he found out she had some scarring on her face he bailed out and never called again. Thats superficial at its finest. no i still dont think there is anything wrong with it, dont get me wrong i feel bad for the OP but you cant call someone a dick because he doesnt want to be with someone due to him not finding them attractive...thats an important part of a relation
  9. With accutane is what you're asking. Since you're so knowledgeable about steroids, why do you not know about their effects on the liver? How can you possibly deny the deleterious effects of steroids (particularly anabolic recreational use) on the liver? Ignorance is no excuse for killing yourself.
  10. thats pretty sad i can imagine how bad u feel. to everyone else though fuck i mean why is he suck a prick, yea he slipped up and said somethin he shouldnt of..he obviously new though...how can u call him superficial etcc etc..u have to be attracted to someone to have a relationship with them. if a chic told me "your cool and all i just dont think ur very good lookin" i couldnt care, i mean fuck at least shes honest...thats not superficial thats fuckin human nature for fucks sake...u gotta be att