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  1. I told you alag, I went overboard with exfoliation afterwards, rubbing my face with sponges neurotically for a couple months post peel. It was most likely the combination of the two, but the peel definitely weakened my healing ability. Why would you doubt me? The skin is literally thinner on one side, I can feel it.
  2. Loss of volume for one. My right cheek is slightly less voluminous than my left now. Under harsh lighting I can see that part of my face is LOWER than the rest. My skin also has a slightly different texture, pigment. The worst part though is that it made my skin more vulnerable to scarring. I would have no scars today if I hadn't peeled. It's not that bad, but I do have a few indented scars In the area of the peel now. Incredibly frustrating! I also went a little overboard with exfoliation in
  3. Playing video games helps me too! Especially story-driven walking simulators. I'd recommend "The Begginner's Guide." It's new, kind of true story (you'll know what I mean if you google it), and it deals with issues of isolation and depression. I loved it. I like walking in real life too, that always helps, especially if I'm with a friend! We're like robots--our moods can be changed with the right inputs, even if we're aware that it's happening (I hope that makes sense?) There are certain
  4. Careful with peels, Stinabina. That's great that you're at least seeing some sort of improvement, but I think 40% is pretty strong. I messed up part of my face leaving 20% on for a few minutes, still recovering from that two years later, looks much better now though. Just a warning! Good luck! I hope you have some long-lasting results.
  5. There have been several forum topics about dating with acne/scars. Many people, men and women, have found success with relationships. Many people who thought themselves to be unlovable were able to find love with amazing people. It's not impossible. I bet if scarred individuals weren't so critical of themselves, there would be many more couples like that. I understand your frustration, but I think you should feel more optimistic.
  6. No, it shouldn't be controlling your life. It controls my actions too sometimes, although much less often than it used to. I've realized that it's really not worth worrying about. Others only care if you care. Your boyfriend will only care if you care. I'm sure he just wants to see you! Regardless of the state of your face. And your friends just want you to be there! That would really get me down if one of my friends didn't want to hang out becuase of a breakout. I'm 21, in college, I know how i
  7. Your life is going so well! Congrats on getting your dream job. I'm happy for you. Just think about how fortunate you are. Positive thoughts will ward off the worries. My skin takes a dive every now and then and I feel terrible, but I've learned that over time those dives become less and less severe. It's gotten to the point where a breakout doesn't bother me anymore because I know my skin is better off now then it was last year. I bet your skin will improve, but don't let your skin affect your
  8. I come to this forum when I'm feeling alone, sad, hopeless etc. and take comfort in reading the stories and experiences and insights people share here. I usually end up browsing here once every four days--sometimes for a couple hours! There's so much to read, and when I'm in a desperate state, I get kind of obsessive with late night web research. Lately, I've been thinking that this is an enormous waste of time. I've already spent so much time worrying about my own skin... I feel l
  9. Honestly, just wait. If your skin calms down, you'll be red-mark free in less than a year. Any scarring you have is very minor. Your skin tone looks wonderful!
  10. Yeah, I'd say just look forward to the future. Give it some time. Unrelated: I saw toro y moi / of montreal this past summer . They were great!
  11. Your skin looks good. Once the hyperpigmentation fades it will look even better. You have very minor indented scarring which will probably fill in with time. You should feel optimistic!
  12. jodorokes


    oh my god you're beautiful can't stand it
  13. I've had this weird rash on my back for a couple weeks now, and I didn't really bother with it until tonight. It felt a bit tender when I leaned against it, so I absentmindedly gave it a (very) light squeeze and immediately felt it burst! Lots of clear liquid followed by blood! Now there's a big hole there! It's so deep! Is this going to permanently scar? What even was it??
  14. I have a relatively shallow saucer shaped scar on my cheek. It's been there since last year. I got really freaked out recently because I could feel a zit forming underneathe the scar, and I was sure it was going to further damage my skin. However, I didn't touch the zit and it went away within three days. While it was forming, the scarred area swelled and actually made it look much better! It's been two days since it went away, but the area is still raised! Is this a gift from the h
  15. A lot of members will find your post frustrating because you're complaining about a little bit of redness that looks utterly normal in the picture. I find this frustrating too, especially since your title is so alarmist. Hyperpigmentation lasts longer than three months. It can last up to a year, sometimes more, usually less. I bet your redness will be gone before the year is over.
  16. Topaz, I can pretty much guarentee you those will fade with time, especially if you exfoliate regularly. Your scars are very, very minor. I've had scars deeper than yours fill in within a year. Don't worry about those scars! Nobody would even notice those as is.
  17. jodorokes


    Beautiful! How's the elasticity of your skin doing now compared to two years ago? Did you experience an increase in volume as well?
  18. Of course. I'm guessing most people saw your picture and immediately left when they saw no rolling scars. To be honest, tanning will probably make it worse in the long run. Sunlight, or the light from tanning beds, ages the skin. I'd actually wear more sunscreen if I were you! But it's so minor that it really doesn't matter.
  19. This might not make you feel any better, but I'm guessing your friends don't know what to say. I'm sure they care about you, and they're trying to show it in the only way they know how. They really don't understand the pain. I understand the pain, and I know it's frustrating to hear that "everybody gets it", but what else are they gonna say? I really, really hope things get better for you. You're a beautiful girl. I've been to dark places, and I've made it out of dark places. I think you'll find
  20. That is not a rolling scar. It's a wrinkle. Everybody has a wrinkle there. It's just more pronounced on certain people. You have a wonderful forehead, you're lucky.
  21. I feel suicidal at times as well. I have some noticeable scars on the right side of my face that I'm completely obsessed with. I waste so much time just staring at myself in the mirror, comparing my right side to the near-perfect left side of my face. It's infuriating to say the least. You didn't mention any scarring on your face. If it's only active spots, then you still have a chance for full-recovery. Don't give up on finding a cure. I searched for years before discovering that the primary
  22. I put so much effort into desensitizing myself to my facial scarring, attempting to convince myself that "it's not that bad", that "it suits me", that "it adds character" and such. I'll stare at myself in the mirror for long periods of time, viewing my skin from different angles and lighting conditions, just trying to get used to having scars. This works to some extent. I don't mind the scars as much as I used to; if my self from two years ago could get a glimpse of me, he'd be horrified. It'
  23. Thanks mrsrobinson! I'm actually not worried about the deeper red mark on my cheek. It's a new one, and I'm certain it will go away with time--I've had worse scars disappear within a year. What I'm worried about is the kind-of-depressed area around my cheekbone. It doesn't look good and it bothers me a lot.
  24. From a combination of a chemical peel and over-exfoliation, my face has undergone a loss in thickness and volume (just on my right side! My left side is nearly perfect). There are also a few indented scars, but the volume loss is the worst, especially in overhead lighting conditions. What can help? I've heard good things about dermarolling, but I'm scared it will make it worse. It bothers me so much that I could have had good skin on both sides if I had stayed away from home treatments. Could