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  1. is there any reason to stop doing the daily regimen you do while on accutane? i am on 40 mg a day and wash my face with clean and clear gentle cleanser then apply eucerin skin renewal daily lotion morning and night.
  2. so i finally decided to try all the Alpha Hydrox products because of all these good reviews. i have tried probably everything, proactive, bp, sa, hibiclens, neosporin, clearasil ultra, clean and clear, neutrogena, nivea for men, as well as gone to the derm and gotten benzaclin, differin, retin a, vanoxide, rosula NS pads, pills etc etc right now ive been using a neutrogena SA wash and using the BP from natures cure, also the nivea for men daily protective lotion (im also taking the pills, and
  3. i was just wondering what method people use to apply the hibiclens? i just put some on a cotton ball and gently wipe it all over my face while my face is soaking wet, then i wait about 10 seconds or so and wash it off. btw i just started using hibiclens and neosporin day and night
  4. you guys have no faith! mind over matter is a simple philosophy that only believers can utilize.
  5. try meditation before bed and it will cure all of your troubles my children. www.meditationcenter.com do the healing one...send healing energy to your skin. it will work.
  6. i just started using this stuff too, i like it a lot! i also use the st ives medicated apricot scrub which i like more than the C&C blackhead clearing scrub
  7. is the inside of the vitamin a pill supposed to be orange/red????
  8. i have these like red dots all around my mouth, they do not stick up, and they arent pitted scars, are they 'red marks' or something different? i have had them for a while now, and they form after the acne most of the time, and if anyone knows what will help get rid of these, plz post, thanks
  9. hiya i have acne and blemishes that will NOT go away, i used proactiv for 2 months, used some SA stuff, and BP and lots of other stuff, with little results. should i try dans regimen now? or should i try the shea butter with bergamot? or the C&C blackhead clearing scrub? plzplz respond