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  1. Has anyone heard anything about Einxel? It's being offered by my skin clinic in Korea. Looks similar to Infini RF.
  2. Have you decided if you are going to suction? I'm guessing if you didn't plan for it then you probably don't have a suction device (thought I read somebody used a vacuum). I personally started suctioning the next day. I don't think there's any need to keep them covered up (I didn't). Just stay out of the sun or use sunscreen if you have to. Maybe take some supplements like vitamin C. Depending on how aggressive the doctor was, you will probably be a little bruised and swollen for the next fe
  3. I started the next day with no issues. I actually tried to start the first night, but ended up sucking blood out of the holes as the scabs got suctioned off, so I stopped that right away.
  4. No to barge in, but I also felt like most of my scarring came after being on accutane (I needed 2 courses a few years apart). I would still have done accutane though, even knowing what I know now, because the mild scarring is better than the active acne.
  5. Wow. This might be the most informative and well thought out first post ever, lol. Good luck.
  6. I adjust the length while the device is in air, then place it onto my skin, then adjust the speed. There are only 2 buttons on the device and only 3 speeds I believe, so it is not very difficult to adjust while needling. The speed is easily determined by the sound, so there is no need to look back down at the device. I should have added that I started at 0.5mm all around before increasing the length. At my current length I am waiting about 4 weeks between sessions. I clean my cartridge befor
  7. Good idea for a thread. I just quickly cycle to the desired depth. You're only losing 1-2 seconds so I figure it's not that big of a deal. Once it's on my skin then I increase the speed (that way I lose less needling than doing speed first, depth second). I know it's probably not the best design. They should let you pick speed and depth, then start the timer. I also don't mind the pain too much. I use 2.25 for my cheeks, 1.75 for my temples and 1.25 for my forehead. My cheek and temple scars a
  8. Perhaps because when you sleep your heart rate drops, so there won't be as much blood flow to your skin when you wake up. The redness in some areas may be due to the thinness of skin in scarred areas showing blood flow underneath.
  9. I finished Accutane (second course) in August of last year. I went to consultations at couple places, one doctor said she would not start lasers until a year post, while another dermatologist said waiting 12 months was based on old research that is not longer valid and that I could start in as little as 3 months. I eventually got my first subcision in February. I also started needling (derminator from OwnDoc) in January. So far no negative side effects. I'll eventually post my results somewher
  10. She has another thread with her results (which were great BTW). http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/354675-post-subcision-results-wpicture/
  11. d00little


    I've also seen his videos talking about Infini RF. Although I have no scientific proof and this is purely my opinion, I feel like the RF portion of the treatment is probably insignificant compared to the actual needling. I would think the needling is the actual cause for any improvement. If this is true, then I would prefer to do needling at home because it's cheaper and you can spot test, increasing length over time. I feel needling is like weight lifting (which, like collagen remodeling, is
  12. Could you let us know of the doctor in Vancouver that does subcision.
  13. How did your skin react to the 2mm? Was there much bleeding? Did it take a few days to look normal? I just did 1mm last night and there was really no sign of the needling this morning. Also, how often do you plan on doing it? I read the guide on the Owndoc website said at 2mm, it is recommended every 5 weeks, but that seems like quite a long time to wait between sessions.
  14. I have just recently purchased the Derminator from Owndoc. I have only tested up to a depth of 1.0mm on other parts of my body so far. I plan on beginning with 1.0mm on my cheeks, temple and forehead and then progress from there. I was wondering what other people recommend for the maximum needline depth on the face? I'm afraid of going to deep on the temple and forehead since the skin seems much thinner here. I was thinking of going up to 1.5mm on the temple and forehead, 2.0mm on the cheeks.