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  1. see my post on curcumin + green tea extract. if you don't have the ingredients at the moment, at least try to find a bag of green tea; Make the tea, drink and enjoy... take the warm bag and put on top of pimples and lay down and relax for 20 mins... hope that helps.
  2. Hi - try making a paste of curcumin and green tea extract and apply on pimples at night time. Be ware the curcumin paste will stain skin and fabric and may not be able to wash off from fabric. Test a small amount on less prominent part of face first and see if you can wash off easily the next morning so that you don't have to go out with yellow stains on your face. For me it comes off easily during the morning shower when I use some face wash with exfoliating micro-beads. Anyway - I bought D
  3. BarCap


    i also used to get clear in the sun, BUT my derm told me that red spots become brown spots in the sun (i.e. get darker)... and told me to stay away from sun and wear sunscreen while red spots are healing...
  4. Hi - 6 months on roaccutane and i still get cysts on my forehead. Rest of my face/body is 100% clear. Went to see the Derm on May 8th. He is surprised and confused (disappointed) why I still get this on my forehead. By this point he had wanted to take me off roaccutane. However, he lowered my dose from 70mg to 40mg and prescribed a 6 week course of a steroid called prednisolone. After 2 days on prednisolone active cysts have significantly reduced (it's pretty cool). The derm also ordered
  5. I had a horrible stomach flu in the last 2-3 days; could not keep any food in me so i literally ate nothing and drank sports drinks only. I stopped taking accutane for 3 days (i'm into my 6th month now) because i wanted to eliminate anything that could cause further stomach discomfort.......... Do you think this is a big deal? (i have resumed treatment now).
  6. 5-months into Accutane treatment the Dermatologist today said that my situation hasn't improved that much and he is not happy that my forehead is as active with cysts this late into the treatment. He asked about family history of cysts - my father had some when he was my age but he doesn't seem to remember many detail, but there is def something there. Then the Derm injected my cysts with some stuff which supposedly should make them go away in about 24 hrs and asked me to keep track of how lon
  7. Hi - I have been on accutane for nearly 5 months and I still get painful spots on my forehead and on top of my scalp. I get about 1-2 per week. They don't get as big as they used to; but they are still there and painful and last for days. I get virtually none on my cheekcs/nose/chin. My dosage progression was as follows: 1 month on 20mg; 6 weeks on 40 mg; 6 weeks on 60mg; and 6 weeks on 70mg...... The 70mg dose will finish in 2 weeks. Last time i saw the derm he said that he expects i'll b
  8. Hi - I started around same time as you; early Nov so it's been nearly 4 months for me; I have seen some improvement, however, i still get spots somewhat regularly; specifically i get deep under the skin ones, that form bumps mostly on my forhead and very few on my cheeks.. i'm male; 75kg; so far I've done 4 weeks on 20mg 6 weeks on 40mg 6 weeks on 60mg i have an appt with the derm next wed; hope he ups me to 80mg his strategy has been to start with low dosage and increase very gradually
  9. Day 32 - Visited dermatologist last week for 1st month check-up. He increased my dose from 20mg to 40mg for the next 6 weeks and said that after that he'll likely put me on 70-80mg. - My overall condition remains more or less the same. Continuing to get spots, but only about 2-3 per/week and they are not big. Some are painful, under the skin and almost can't be seen on the surface (i can feel them by touching my face)... - I continue to have lots of clogged pores and many many black heads
  10. Day 19 - Still no side effects at all; Lips continue to be dry but not any more than before accutane - Skin - over the past week about 5 new spots - two easy to pop and now fading; one on nose can't pop; but it's not too horrible and i think it will be gone in 1-2 days; one above eye brow; can't pop, painful but not too big and seems like it will be flat when i wake up tomorrow... and then one horribly painful one in my ear-lobe (WTF?) which lasted about 2 days and is almost gone now.... - on
  11. Hey dude; sorry to hear about the side effects; Just stick with it and keep your mind on the light at the end of the tunnel !!!!
  12. Day 13 Still have not notice any effects from the accutane; Skin not dry; lips dry, but my lips are always dry, so not any more than usual... Acne not too bad at the moment, but it's not unusual for me to go through a "clear phase" I think due to my lose dose it's perhaps still too early to tell.... may be a few more weeks before i even start noticing the usual side effects... Appt with derm. on Dec 5th to check progress and blood... we'll see if he raises dose by then.
  13. Day 7 No difference in skin; No side effects; No change in any way
  14. - I started Accutane on Nov 9, 2007. - Derm put me on 20mg 1xday for first month, which I think is the lowest initial dose I've seen from all other logs. - I live in London and I saw Dr. Harris from the London Clinic of Dermatology (you can google it). The initial consultation cost £200 (which I think is about $400000000 USD, hehe just kidding)... But my insurance AXA PPP will pay for it. The Dr. seemed quite knowledgable, I get the impression that he is well respected in the UK Derm. comm
  15. i actually tried the all fruit thing for 3 weeks; i didn't notice much of a difference right away; however, after the 3 weeks I did not go back to eating the way I used to; I continued with a very strict diet for months (no dairy, grains, nuts, alcohol) which helped reduce my acne by about 50%.... at times i was about 90% clear but could and then i would start cheating on the diet a little bit here and there and the situation would become worse again.... then i would start freaking out and b