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  1. As for your fasting protocol consisting of apples, an alternative to an enema would be to take a Psyllium Husk and Bentonite shake. This will soak up any toxins released into the bloodstream, but make sure to take on an empty stomach 3-4 times per day, while maintaining your regular consumption of ORGANIC apples. Good Luck.
  2. Hey Denise, what exactly are you eating during the bowel cleanse? Also, what kind of results have you seen in terms of difference in skin? Thanks.
  3. All i can say is mind over matter anyday. Read up anything on Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Robin Sharma....etc....and you will find a lot of interesting things you never knew about. Read the book called quantum healing by Deepak Chopra, it is very interesting. People have gone through spontaneous remission of their cancers and this has been well documented. Mind/Body medicine is really making a significant impact and I find it not only motivation for other aspects of my life, but it almost
  4. Vitamin A does not become toxic in the body right away, only after some time will that happen. So its best to include a saturation dose of 35000-40000 I.U of straight vitamin A then cut down to under 30,000 I.U. This will maximize your intake. Best way is just to take Beta Carotene which is not toxic, but make sure you include a saturation dose. You can find Beta Carotene of 25,000 I.U per pill and take 6 of those per day (150000 I.U) for the first 10 days only, then cut down to 75,000 I.U
  5. Hi, this method sounds good for redmarks, so I am willing to give it a try. However, everyone is talking about 1/2 water, and 1/2 ACV. In terms of measurement in tablespoons or teaspoons, what exactly would be half and half? Thanks.
  6. its rated number 1 on clickbank for health product and is a number 1 best seller. I just came across it one day on www.clickbank.com and was surprised. You can check it out. Direct link: http://clickbank.com/marketplace/?r=xxxxx&...ank_Marketplace
  7. beautifully put sweet jade....i was going to write that but you got there first .. end of discussion..
  8. Has anyone here tried the products from www.stretchmarks.com for red marks or scars. I believe they have an extremely strong approach to eliminating any type of scar problems. What caught my eye was that they use the whole approach as to the single product approach meaning externally as well as internally. Over the past 5 years I have researched an approach to maybe help eliminate these scars or red marks. I have suffered from redmarks for the past 6 years and after trying many products, I w
  9. i'm from ottawa..the capital
  10. k..i've been reading a lot how people want to jump concentrations so quickly without even trying the 6% first! You can't do that so quick..you're skin won't be able to tolerate higher concentrations without building up slowly first. Start low at 6%..then if u see that you have hit a plateau after months of treatment only then u should bump up the concentration. If you start jumping to 12.5% and higher right away you won't make you're skin any better than if had just used the 6% concentration f
  11. hey Joylovepeace...does your regimen help with redmarks or just acne, scars and overall health? Redmarks seem to be very stubborn! Thanks.
  12. can everyone post their updates on how mandelic acid is helping their red marks?? Is it fading, and if so..how long did it take to fade? Thnx