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  1. Trapp

    Middle of night wakeups

    I’m 2 weeks in and I’m experiencing this kinda basically every night I wake up precisely 3 hours after I fall asleep but I fall asleep straight away again lol some pretty strange dreams too. My sides suck so far and I’m feeling very foggy mentally but hoping this will subside also fatigue too. (40MG 75Kg Male 21YO)
  2. thanks man no brain fog or anything? I feel very spaced out my lips aren’t even dry however I have dry eyes and I feel slightly depressed/Space out.
  3. Hey bro I’m 2 weeks in on 40MG going up to 70 next month for 3 months what sides are you getting?
  4. I’m experiencing 0 sexual effects however only 2 weeks in on 40MG I have terrible brain fog and feel spaced out all the time and depressed sometimes during the day will this finish and I’ll feel normal once I finish in 3 months??
  5. Hey guys! thanks for taking the time to read my post I have had to resort to taking Isotretinoin after exhausting all other paths. I visited a Derm 3 weeks ago and have been prescribed Roaccutane for persistent moderate acne. She started me off on 40Mg a day for the first month and I’ll be increasing to 70MG for 3 months before finishing. My side effects so far are very small I have flaking skin my lips are maybe 1 out of 10 dry not bad at all and my oil reduction is fairly decent however I do
  6. Trapp

    The Big Hormone Post For Both Men And Women

    I know I’m 100 years late but this is the most retarded comment I have ever read. Firstly your clearly a shallow self centred bitch who hates men and wants them to take drugs which could fuck our hormones for the rest of our lives. ACNE IS NOT CAUSED BY DHT insulin and IGF-1 drive oil glands more than T-DHT. Men need DHT I’m thinning on top and I have severely oily skin with moderate acne I still wouldn’t EVER inhibit the hormone which makes me who I am. Guys take note PFS post finasteride syndr
  7. Trapp

    Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

    It’s incredible how these women have 0 idea on how 5AR inhibitors work and the potential permananent damage they can cause for males. Yet they go around promoting supplements with such little knowledge that a vulnerable young Male could believe. Could you imagine how detrimental it could be for a 15 year old boy to start supplementing saw palmetto extract? Shameful SAW PALMETTO is a dangerous supplement.
  8. Trapp

    Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

    Be very very careful when using Finasteride.... could save a life here simply google Post Finasteride syndrome and the potential side effects so many men experience often covered by the big pharmas.
  9. Trapp

    Do NOT ever take Saw Palmetto!!

    I’m not entirely sure why a female would take saw palmetto... but it’s CRITICAL men never touch this herb as it will inhibit the conversion of testosterone into DHT the most important Male androgen. It can cause a disease called PFS (post Finasteride syndrome) which permanently gives men sexual side effects and can in many cases lead to suicide.
  10. Trapp



    Attention all men never ever take a DHT inhibitor like Saw Palmetto simply google post Finasteride syndrome it can cause permanent sexual side effects along with breast growth... Please research before taking certain supplements.
  11. So today I was reading up on the reviews of supplementing 50Mg of zinc so I decided I would visit the health shop to buy some after trying a million other supplements. here is some brief history/background info: I started to get acne at 17 years old very suddenly even though I never had any issues through puberty. It started around my chin and cheeks I had whiteheads all over my cheeks and red spots. Once I hit 18 I decided enough is enough and went to the doctors I was prescribed minocyline and
  12. Only thing that worked for me

    This worked amazing hand in hand with minocycline it took around 3 or 4 months but it's cleared my not mostly but COMPLETELY I have recently stopped mono. Keeping up with the gel hoping it was helping me the most. So far okay had an increase in small spots. Try to use both but duac does work pretty damn well!
  13. Trapp


    im moving to crete from london in april to go and work... i have tanned skin so i shoudlnt burrn. im 18 and my acne appeared from nowhere just before my 18th never had spots ever. due to work my diet isnt great but im sorting it. i now have acne particulary bad on my left cheek the rights not half as bad?? im on cod liver oil, emu aid overnight acne treatment noothing works oh yes and moisturizer. i really dont wanna be spotty when i go away as i plan on going out and having gr