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  1. I tried everything from accutane to bp, sulfur masks to salicylic acid, and exfoliators to spot treating. Nothing ever seemed to work. After a while I just sort of gave up. Then I just went back to the basics. I wash my face once in the morning with Cetaphil (a gentle cleanser), take two 1000mg fish oils daily, and wash once at night with a over the counter salicylic acid cleanser. It's very basic. I try to drink a lot of water and not touch my face. Along with exercise and eating as healthy as
  2. Has anyone tried this? I've heard some good things after doing a little digging. I'm having problems with acne and cysts right under my jaw/chin line. Thanks.
  3. I'm sorry you are having such a horrible day. It will all be better soon and you won't even remember this day. Try icing the cyst. I've heard of aspirin topicals working as well. Sulfur topicals worked quite well for me. Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!
  4. I've tried all of them and Differin has worked the best for me so far
  5. I'm 18 and I've struggled with acne since I was 13. Accutane helped out a lot but the problem persists. I have tried so many things and I just feel that nothing will ever work and I will always have my acne. Just felt like venting.
  6. I use CeraVe. Gentle like cetaphil but I feel it helps more.
  7. everyone says its hard to get off. maybe you're just putting too much on cuz i have no problems at all.
  8. i noticed this as well. I don't know why they would disable this feature. It's quite positive.
  9. Do I apply this onto my face while it's wet? Or dry? It doesn't quite clarify on the the bottle. Thanks.
  10. arent you always supposed to take doxycycline with a meal? and another reason for not laying down after an antibiotic is it can cause heart burn or acid reflux.
  11. id look into panthenine before you buy b5. it's the coenzyme a precursor for pantothenic acid. One a day of b complex should be fine
  12. well seeing as you had one with panto, then that means their would be minimum sebum in your pores right? then there wouldn't be a large amount of sebum in your pores for an accutane initial breakout right? I'm doing alright. Muchhh better but still having trouble with some minor troubles.
  13. yeah id add a probiotic once or twice a day to your regimen
  14. I currently take one acidophilus a day and it works very nicely.
  15. I was just thinking since Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin b5) or Pantethine causes the oil production to decrease..wouldn't a few months regimen of this before going on accutane reduce the severity of your initial breakout?
  16. im using the swanson vitamins site. I just bought two we'll see how this works. im currently on panto but the dosage is irk'n me a bit so I'l give this a shot and let you guys know how it goes
  17. i found topics about it but not necessarily what i was looking for.
  18. i had a small iB with vitamin b5 but im about 3 weeks in and i am very happy with the results. i used to be on retin a micro but i quit. I'm now on a very good regimen that works quite well for me. no antibiotics for me either. i tried them all and was unhappy with every one.
  19. yeah i plan to do one of these as soon as i have a hockey free weekend. With only washing with cetaphil and taking omega 3, vitamin b5, and taking probiotics daily i have had the best skin ever. I occasionally spot treat with tea tree and aloe vera or acnomel. but this is the best my skin has ever been. and moisturizing of course
  20. yeah ive been searching but havent found much. il try to dilute it with pure aloe vera. if i can find it.
  21. yeah i'm planning on doing one of these soon
  22. I just picked up some pure tea tree oil. But I have no idea how to dilute it or what with or anything about it lol. Anyone have any tips?