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  1. pot helps acne. okay, that could be a complete fabrication, but imagine the headlines. if you are really stoned, stay away from a mirror if you are going to get really self-conscious, but other than that, let the good times roll...
  2. does anyone have any suggestions as to products i can use in latin america. ive been away from the states so long, i dont remember the common DKR substitutes that i can i get over the counter at a place like walgreens. hopefully ill be able to find some stuff in the larger markets of lima, quito, etc... also, besides the netragena helthy skin (i cant find it here yet), what other lotion products contain AHA? thanks
  3. thanks for the support. the dip method is getting me back slowly. and i guess you are right, the travel is what counts. take care.
  4. after doing the " pure" CSR for about 3 months, then the "dip" method, followed by a modifed, spot treat CSR for many months, ive been more or less clear for about 9 months. well, a couple months ago, i began travelling in the andes of south america. for the first couple of months, i had a tube or two of dan's bp, and with some of the other american lotions i brought down, and i was doing just fine. well, after everything ran out and i was looking good, and i was more or less forced to quit e
  5. quik question. i apply my bp, wait, then apply neutrogena healthy skin every night before i go to bed. When i wake up in the morning, my eyes are often stinging from the aha. this sometimes happens when im washing my face in the morning also. i would like to put it farther away from my eyes, but, like eveyone else, i got the dry-under-eye skin that needs some moisturizing.
  6. what is the difference between neutrogena healthy skin night version and the regular version?
  7. most of those kids will be busting out there clearasil and whatnot. no worries. in fact, you can actualyl engage some the mature kids about how the dealin etc... no shame in it.
  8. im just kidding. but my question is csr related, but involves the dip. I spot treat with bp after "dipping" but i was wondering...should i wait for my face to be completely bone dry? Since the water is so hot the wetness quikcly evaporates, but i still apply the bp when my face is still not completely dry. my logic is that i should apply the bp while my face is still warm and the pores are wide open. so what yall think?
  9. i got some samples of differin lying around, will that work?
  10. i got a deep zit that hasn't quite formed yet. i give it another day, maybe two before it crowns, but since it is tender, i know its gunna be pretty big. i haven't had one of these since starting the regimen..i actually havent had one of these in about 6 months. what do i do? i've actually forgot what it is like to have deep-seated acne... im def leaving it alone. im continuing with my csr regimen as usual. is there anything i can do to minimize the redness that will start tomorrow? any
  11. daily...if you use it twice a day...you redness will be gone in 3 days
  12. doxy will work great for about a month, then you will digress to your old self. as far as clindamyacin, i think your better with dan's bp. although the clind is a an anti-bacterial, it will make you shiny/dry/red at the same time. the bp will do none of that and will give you the same bacteria killing properties. plus, your face will eventually grow imune to the clind....this won't happen with bp. my suggestion: i'd religiously use dan's regimen for a couple months, then experiment after tha
  13. i think its just a little red zit forming on the same spot as a red mark. we good. thanks.