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    My C5... so fun to drive... it turns heads... and is still kicking ass for being over 10 years old! I also love music (not much of rap or country though), art, cooking and technology. I love my pug- she's my best friend (almost) :)<br /><br /><br />last.fm name is givemearedbull

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  1. *long awaited update* For those that care... Been bumped up to 40mg. I am feeling sluggish now on 40mg... Everything else has remained the same. I did have a zit near my nose that lasted over a week but now it is gone. I feel some tiny but deep acne on my cheek (not visible yet though)... I must drink enough water... and stay away from alcohol... i am bad for still drinking alcohol....
  2. Day 20 I believe... Been getting quite a few smaller zits on my face. one is a bit deeper and larger on my cheek and it has yet to come all the way out yet= seems it appeared overnight. had 2 zits that kept turning into large whiteheads next to my lip piercing- they would pop accidentally and fill up again a few times a day... not to be gross but it seemed that anything that came out was more thicker than the usual white pus. eeew. Pores are definitely smaller... but look to be darker/clo
  3. Hey there. I *finally* made it to the thread. I am on 30mg a day... (20 days in right now)... I have this weird feeling in my lips. Almost a numb/tight feeling but nothing is cracking since I use Aquaphor all of the time. I ended up buying bulk blistex too just in case but I use it year-round anyway. Its so hard for me NOT to touch my face. In the first week or so my face looked great! I even went out without make up on but anyways it seems to be coming out now and some pimples are pretty pai
  4. dykim90-- I just went to look at that... it shows 80% or 4000IU a day. I am not taking them anymore. I guess we are on the same wavelength to go check and look. Forget those until i am done this treatment then Thanks for the reminder.
  5. oooh do I spy a collar in your pic?

  6. Very good!!! 11 years wow! I just started accutane... now i realize I should not take my adult one a day sour gummy vitamins because it does have vitamin A. lol so far so good just pretty tired in afternoons... dry eyes too. Don't be a stranger, btw :)

  7. BTW waqas-- How were your side effects if any on a 10mg dose? I can always be put on a lower dose if i start feeling nuts or whatever... It also helps that my fiance is a pharmacist so he is getting me some "pharmacist recommended" eye drops TONIGHT! lol
  8. I assume so that its the right dose since I am heavier now and weigh about 145lb. I gained quite a bit of weight since 08 and lost 10lbs (was 155 eeeek). Like yesterday, today i have very little energy in the late afternoon. Perhaps tomorrow I will try a nice healthy snack instead of laying down and giving in and taking a nap with the pug. lol I have a slightly itchy neck (lotion helps) and dry eyes... slightly stiff in the joints at night... nose feels like it wants to flake especially s
  9. FINALLY after suffering from acne since about 14/15 years old (half of my damn life)... I am starting 30mg a day TODAY. Its been a roller coaster and I have been on MANY topicals-- even tried many types of pills except for accutane until now. Going to finish my breakfast... drink plenty of water, then hit the store for some moisturizer and a mild cleanser (Cetaphil).... oh and I want to pick up some aquaphor as well for my lips. Currently have a few smaller zits that are deep within my skin
  10. Leet great to hear from you its been a while. That's great news I knew you had it in you a little later this month I reach my 11th year. Keep strong Leet.

  11. hey how is it going? I cannot wait to start in about 3 weeks. I am half thai/american and my skin is easily scarred.
  12. I have an uncle that is mentally retarded and he used to ask if i had chicken pox... or that it looked like chicken pox... but that didnt really make me mad at all... he couldnt help not knowing. About 4 years ago I had OD'd on heroin (i just passed 3 years clean fyi)... anyways, a local cop (family friend) was one that i knew from a long time ago and he came over to talk to me after the OD and all that (yes, i got in trouble and was charged with multiple things) and for some reason he looked
  13. Hi everyone. I am a pretty shy person... but if you get me talking, I can be hard to shut up. I had moved to MD from NJ last summer... I only know my fiance. I go out and do some errands here and there but I never really feel comfortable. I dont even go throw the trash away without makeup on... or go to the mailbox to get the mail because i feel like i am so gross looking... or fat. I do not know anyone here and I never tried making friends here except for the girl at the rental office who
  14. I did not read all of the replies... I saw a few jokes here and there though... I must say that YES, I love the Secret. I do not know if it was a coincidence but I had made a little list after watching the movie and I had soon after obtained what I had wanted to have. As a matter of fact one of the things I wanted was to find love... and I did. Still with him after 2 years now. I ended up working hard to pay off 23k of debt my ex left me as well... so yes. Like attracts like. I do believe
  15. hey are you still around???? I hope all is well! Send me a hello or something :) Just passed 3 years. WOW