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  1. not only that mate ^, but I also feel miserable and just dont wanna go anywhere right now until I look normal. I am a freaking monster right now.
  2. What to do? I have a hands-on mid term 8am tommorow And I don't know how to complete it. I know what it is we have to do, but I don't know how to do it. I don't want to embarass myself. Plus the instructor hates me, he yelled at me last week, and dispises me. I am very wanting to just miss that class, it is Friday and my sisters birthday as well. AH. I am so just tempted to going downtown, go buy that webcam for $5 and walk around alone, spend the day alone (since I am a loner) and have some
  3. Im miserable right now. GOt home 10:42am this morning, skipped class and just went and handing in my stuff and came back home. I wanna die so bad right now.
  4. Just to let you know Ms Piggle Wiggle, Shrimp and any kind of shell fish (lobster, mussels, crabs) are LOADED and I mean LOADED with iodine.
  5. I feel like a living piece of shit, wait I already am!!!