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  1. My experience with nodules is that that won't go away until I pop them. I can have them for weeks and they wil eventually become inflamed and have to be popped, or they turn into a whitehead and take a lot longer to go away. I use this little tool for it, costed about $10. You can't do it properly with just your hands. It always takes two goes to get it out though, if you don't follow up with a second pressing it could get more inflamed than if it was left to get inflamed on its own. I haven't
  2. The skin on the back is much thicker on than on the back, and received less circulation than the face. I have a similar situation to you, except the other way around. I got acne on my back then face 2-3 years later. I sometimes got cystic acne, but mostly just regular whiteheads. My back cleared up for about a year, and it took more than that to heal all the hyperpigmentation, the red and brown spots. At the time I think I was regularly eating yoghurt, I think that might've helped. I was also d
  3. Living with someone who owns a bakery I thought it would be difficult to stop eating bread, but it was quite easy. First I cut out the white bread, then the the other wheat breads, rye, malt, leckerbrot, etc. I don't see cakes as a good alternative as they are still flour based, not to mention all that extra sugar, the butter fat would balance the glycemic index somewhat but it'd still be as bad as bread. Since I stopped bread, the acne has improved a lot, and I can get ripped a lot easier wit
  4. Moderately intense cardio is probably the best thing you can do for the red marks. I used to run about 4 miles a day, but I've cut back because of injuries, also to reduce joint pains and shin splints. Accutane could put an end to running for me.
  5. It's not bad, it's just an alternative to another diet for me. What else am I gonna buy from the supermarket? I mainly get fruit and veg, oats, rice and of course butter. Fast food costs more than that, not to mention the sugar and transfat laden "food". I've been looking at colon irrigation for a few years, the cost is a bit prohibitive though. I've wasted way way too much money on topicals, detoxifications. I'm not going to try the olive oil route again, after 3 flushes olive oil tastes ter
  6. I used to train regularly but haven't for a couple of years, can't afford the gym at the moment. I did not find that it affected my acne though. I should hopefully get back to doing cardio everyday. I've done three liver flushes, using grapefruit juices, apple juices, i only noticed one small green stone, there could've been more I did use a strainer type of thing heh. I'm pretty sure I didn't pass anything close to 50 or 100 or anything. I've got hope for the coffee enema though, maybe it'll h
  7. Well I started to get back and chest acne about 5 or 6 years ago, it's gone at times but seems to come back every now and then. The worst part of that is that the marks take about a year or more to heal. I started to get acne of my face about 18 months ago, it was it's worse a few months ago but it's getting better now. I get a couple of pimples each week, it's not too bad. What is bad is the red marks, although they're getting better. It'd be great to be doing regular cardio but I'm injured at
  8. I posted some things on diet, eating habits and natural things for the body in the general acne forum, but I think it belongs here. I didn't want to post it twice so here it is: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...71entry341171 Some of the things outlined are not pinned in this forum and some I think should be more accessible.
  9. There are a few more things that I've found to be beneficial. The amount of water I mentioned earlier is incorrect, I have about 3/4 of a litre (3 cups) in the morning, and I have about 1 and a half litres (6 cups) after each meal is digested. Breathing out for a longer period of time than breathing in, this assists detoxification. An important thing that I forgot to add was exercising after you eat, this is especially important after eating a large amount of protein and doing heay resistance
  10. I think the comments by omgitspres were quite un called for, I mean the guy who posted this thread was a but overzealous but he's only trying to help. And people it's only masturbation, worse things can happen to your day. I wish people would treat forums like they were talking face to face with someone, then people wouldn't hide behind a computer and throw insults carelessly. Furthermore he is right on some things, excessive masturbation can cause acne for some people because of the fluctuatin
  11. I forgot to add a few things, so here they are. Grapes are great to eat, particularly red/crimson ones. They have all kinds of anti-oxidants, in perticular resveratol, which is the compound in red wine that increases longevity. Other fruits which are benedifical are blueberries, cranberries, strawberries which are high in phytonutrients that help heal the skin. I didn't go in to enough detail on why bread isn't good for acne, it's because of the refined grains, these will spike insulin levels
  12. I've been trying many many different ways to combat this disease and I've come to some conclusions. I have long tried to follow a holistic approach, rather than using topicals or internal medications. I did get some antibiotics prescribed about 4 months ago but I stopped taking them about a month ago because they were not working as I would have liked. I think there should be some consensus about eating plans, lifestyle choices, supplements, etc. and be made available at these forums in a more
  13. Staying up late could well cause acne. My skins got worse over the last two weeks and I've been going to sleep past 2 every night. The reason behind could be that the kidney's typically will release toxins from about 11:00 to 01:00, at a time when you should be sleeping and able to handle such toxins without them recirculating.
  14. I finally thought I should see a doc, and I got some Tertex (tetracycline). The bottle says take 30 mins before food, or 2 hours after. It also says do not combine with zinc, iron or dairy products. Off the topic, I might not need the antibitotics, I think i'm onto something at the moment. I found this natural remedy site with various recommendations from people. The three I adopted were blending oats and water to apply to the face like a mask, which seems to be improving the skin. The second
  15. I found this page, which is about topical niacinamide, looks promising. http://gmuntz.tripod.com/niacinamide.html On the page there is a link to a study conducted by GNC, where this topical gel/cream were more effective than prescription antibiotics. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.f...6&dopt=Abstract I'm surprised there aren't any posts about niacinamide, a search found one, but I couldn't find the word in the pages.