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  1. Right I've been on this drug for 1 week now, and my experience has changed drastically over such a short period of time. In the first few days I noticed the side effects of dry skin, eyes and lips- but these were very minimal. A few days later, the lips are not really an issue, but my skin! that is a different story altogether. Whenever I apply my cleanser it stings like a [email protected]^%# and likewise when I leave applying moisturiser for too long. My forehead is very raw in comparison with the rest of my
  2. Hey guys, Since the first day, I've barely noticed my dry skin and lips which is great. Woke up today and my body was a bit itchy, but I guess that's drying out too. Went to the gym yesterday (just a beginner) and when I woke up my elbows were fairly sore- guess this is one of the side effects I expected though and obviously gymming will make it worse. However, after about an hour or two the soreness went away so I guess its not too bad. Are there any other people on here, on Accutane wh
  3. Hello, I'm an 18 year old boy and I've had acne since I was about 14. It's not severe acne, but I'd say its moderate and can sometimes be very bad. My doctor has prescribed me to 20mg tablets for the first month with the intention to bump up to 30mg after 6 weeks. I tend to get acne around my chin, above my lips, and around my jaw line (as a result of shaving I think). I also have some on my neck (although not currently), shoulders, and chest. Currently I have pimples in all of those places