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  1. Identifying scars and suggestion of treatments
  2. you have to base your being in your personality, not in your looks, looks are important but personality is even more
  3. the thing is simple, you get less scars on accutane, because you get less acne, but when you are on accutane skin becomes very sensitive and it reduces its density so when pickin up you have and over reaction of your body on that zone that will result in many kinds of healing
  4. I think its all about personality, you can't deny that the first impression on people is so shallow and that acne MAYBE will call their atention, but when you get to know people personality and attitude is all that matters, first impression lasts? let's see.... one day? 5 minutes? maybe less, even if you don't have acne if your personality isn't attractive it ll be harder to establish relationships, or you ll feel bad, a scarred people or people with acne which have personality will always have
  5. I'm SORRY but those pictures really do not capture my scars well. I'm talking under my mouth/chin area. It's fucking freakish, I promise you. I've had so, so, so many blemishes since I was a kid that the skin has kind of deteriorated into a glob of scar tissue filled with deep creases that go in every direction, lumps, lines, and discoloration. In order to look at myself straight-on in the mirror I have to close my mouth to tighten the skin so I don't look so repulsive. I will not post a pi
  6. well i really understand you because, i really feel that way, if you have severe acne just get accutane it has done miracles for me