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  1. those shots work very well, as long as the derm hits them in the right spot. if its really big though, its easier for them to inject it in the right spot.
  2. Is it normal to have an initial breakout on the regimen? This is like my 4th week and my skin is breakouting out high school style. Is this normal?
  3. It actually doesn't hurt as bad as you think. The first millimeter hurts, the rest is pretty easy. I think it hurts less because you are sticking it into the zit, as opposed to normal skin. But yeah. It doesn't work.
  4. Not kidding, I just stuck an entire push pin into my zit. It didn't work. I do not advise this method. I wish my zits would pop.
  5. the regimen says before you apply the meds, that you should wash your hands. Is there any specific soap that we should be using to wash our hands with before?
  6. I had acne up until I was 19. Then it went away for awhile. Around the time when I turned 22, it started to come back. Has anybody had an experience like this? I am trying to figure out if maybe I am having a reaction to something? I started taking a supplement around that time called Green Photofoods. It's just vegetables, grasses, and herbs in powder form. The product can be seen here, along with a list of its ingredients. http://www17.netrition.com/now_green_phytofoods.html Anybody think t
  7. Sorry I am new to all of this but... I just watched the regimen video, and it does not say to let your face dry for 5-15 minutes before the medicating step. However, the text on the website about the regimen indicates that you should let your face dry for 5-15 minutes before the medicating step. What's the right way?
  8. Any one know anything about Soniclear? http://www.1seenontvstore.com/soniclear.html
  9. I went to my derm today. She told me that if I started accutane I would have to stop drinking, stop eating red meats and fatty foods, and stop taking protein powder (which makes working out useless). She also told me that if I get a girl pregnant that there could be birth defects. I hate having acne. I've had it since I was 13 and now I'm 22. However, working out, red meat, weekend drinking, and sex with my girlfriend are very high on my list of things that are great. I can give up some of th
  10. 1. I had fairly bad, mostly cystic acne in high school. In college it seemed to go away. Then in my senior year of college, I got mono. I have heard that mono decreases your livers ability to deal with toxins, and also that mono never leaves your blood stream. I noticed that since I had mono, my acne has been worse. Anyone know anything about that? 2. I have been using a workout supplement known as L-Glutamine. It is an amino acid that among other things, helps increase growth-hormone levels.