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  1. This seems to be a "beat up on cortisone shots" thread, but I'll just chime in w/ the opposite - because it not only represents my personal experience, but I'll bet statistically the overwhelming likelihood for anyone considering this treatment. I'll bet I've had more than 50 cortisone shots over the decades that I've had fairly sporadic, but stubborn cystic lesions. I've had the shots given to me by about 6 or 7 physicians, even one or two that weren't derms, but family practice or general
  2. I've done it three times, and have had no long term bad effects, only good ones. My blood work showed moderate elevations during all three courses, but returned to normal within weeks of finishing courses. My courses were approximately 10 years apart (relapses started about 5 years post RX, built up to where I re-treated at about 10 years post) and I'm middle aged now. I am totally glad I did and feel more healthy (physically) than I did 20 years ago. I would not hesitate to do a fourth c
  3. Lol I may grudgingly accept technical support from India but accutane ?
  4. I think your plan sound just fine. I am curious about the dose and schedule. Most doctors, I believe, would do a simpler dosing schedule like 2X20 mg/day or 2X30 mg/day. That, to me would be much easier to purchase and keep track of, and would be easier to "even out" the doses for a nice steady blood level. I can't believe the difference between your dose of 50/day and either of those alternatives (40 or 60) is significant enough to cause a doctor to come up with such an odd dosing schedule
  5. Of course the correct answer is ask your doctor. If it were me, and I had a reason to end early (which I happened to earlier this winter!), I'd go ahead and do what you're thinking of, but I wouldn't go with a huge dose that is way outside of what is normally given. If you're going to 'bump' it, but not every day, my gut feeling based onthe 1/2 life of isotretinoin is that it would be best to do it every other day or every third day which would keep the blood level fairly steady. Think about
  6. First, ask your doctor. We internet amateurs can give you our opinions, but basic technical questions like this should be clarified with your doctor or pharmacist. Just call the doctor's office and ask. You don't have to have an appointment to clarify stuff like this. They will PROBABLY tell you breakfast and supper, or that it doesn't really matter that much. That said, what you're looking for is trying to get the best overall level of the med circulating in your blood ("blood level"). F