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  1. wtf is the diffrence are they the same shit i just got Claravis 2day my doc said to take 1 pill for the first 2 weeks than 2 pills a day after that should i just take 2 now? he said or else ill get severe lip dryness! lol nvm i found the answer there the same shit cause diffrent names companies etc...l
  2. so i will do vegetable oil!!!! enyother ideas?
  3. i have gone to derm over 4 times that motha fucker changes my antibiotic shit evrytime im tried about 4 diffrent fuckers thats all he thinks hes an asshole enyways it sounds evrybody saying Use Vegetable oil I will Post some pics before and after Acne pic thank you!!!!!
  4. lol Moron? trust me theres nothing that can happened 2 make me regrete acne or w/e on my back my vistit wit the doc is in 3 months Enything else besides vegtable oil? and you call me Moron LmFaO i dont want 2 take pic cause it already 2 late my back is pretty clean!. lik e i said i just want Accutane!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Help i have some but little acne its all dried up and shit on my upper back i want 2 make it worse as much ass possible . i Want more acne on my upper back if u ask y Because i want my Doc to prescribe me Accutane because i have mild acne on my face and i want to be clear as a bird !!!! So Plain and simple How 2 make mY bac Acne Worst or how 2 add acne on my upper back!!! Yes im on CSR but i have black heads and facials dont help much or the other shit so dont bull shit me about me being stu
  6. Its cetaphil moisturizer one !!!!! plz help People!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Well i use cetaphil cleanser after my face has completely dried about 7 minutes i apply Dans BP takes about 10 minutes to completely get evry inch of my face with bp i apply generously like dans says because ive been on it for almopst 3 months after that it takes about 15 minutes 2 dry than i apply Cetaphil moisterizer i dont put much but enough all over my face. I get a Burning sensation for a while whats up wit that? Am i Fucking up my face up? making it Worse? it feels very uncofterble and it
  8. Wow Danny im experiancing the same shit as you ive been using it for a about 3 months and now i dont get eny zits only some times but know my skin is like yours with red marks and shit i dont know what 2 do i also have black heads but bp doesnt do much about it i agree 2 me CSR does only so much im considering Accutane for the black heads !!!