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  1. oats with banana and honey
  2. yeah i do. the bp has definitely cleared some of the pores on my nose but the majority are still plugged it's no big deal though, but i would like to clear it up because i have noticed a couple of scars forming
  3. jojoba oil can be bought from any health food store around oz (health food stores are popping up everywhere these days) in my experience bp has been great for my whiteheads. the only area that i am having trouble with is my nose, it is super oily and never clears
  4. i've had one of these cyst type things in my left earlobe for nearly a year! its not painful and quite small so i havent done anyhing about it
  5. well its sounds as if you have clogged pores which is what practically everyone on this site has imo extractions are a complete waste of money if you have this problem i did it for a while and, like you, the bumps just kept coming back you really need to use a topical of some kind. i personally use benzac try and find something that peels the skin because dead skin is the root of clogged pores
  6. yes this mental block is really starting to gett o me the thing is i am pretty clear right now and even if i do break out is is only mild and doesn't bother me but... i just cant move on i know i want to do stuff with my life, but i dont know what and i dont know where to start whats worse is i dont have a strong support network around me which i think makes it doubly hard
  7. a lot of people would recommend using sa, but in my experience bp is better i also hvae clogged pores and whitheads and "benzac" has completely cleared me up try using that instead of the pads
  8. just relax im sure its not going to affect you that much
  9. i have dandruff, shortness of breath and depression/anxiety the shortness of breath is worrying me a little, i went for a leisurely walk with a friend the other day and i was struggling
  10. i used to get these all over my back and shoulders in particular they have dissapeared since i started taking fish oil. not sure how or why but maybe you can give them a try
  11. yep, from personal experience, benzac has been the best topical i have used for my comedonal acne
  12. so i have just returned from my doc who prescribed me eryacne . i asked the doc (who doesn't speak good engrish) what it was and he said it was a topical gel which will clear me up quickly. I've just done a quick search and it seems that eryacne is an antibiotic which clears up inflamed pimples ATM i have clogged pores and never get inflamed pimples so is it even worth buying it?
  13. in my experience diet can aggravate or improve acne but it's not the cause of it some people are fortunate enough to find a few fods to eliminate which completely clears them while others have to go down the medication route
  14. that sounds a lot like me exept I am 24. what your derm said about everyone having this is bullshit! i got offered tane 3 years ago and i declined because i thought i could fight it out but i am really starting to regret that decison. I feel like i am in no mans land now because i reckon my acne i sto mild for tane but still strong enough to fight topicals. I'm seeing a doc next week so I'll see how it goes. I'm just going to lay it on the line and say a decade of this shit is just too much
  15. in my experience no this was not the case the period just before i started getting acne was the best of my life my diet is a whole lot beter than it was then thought thats for sure
  16. if you believe what you read on the net, a lot of these celebs have been on tane. JT, jessica simpson etc
  17. i started the anti candida diet 2 days ago and its tougher than i anticipated no fruit no grains no carbs basically today i was SO WEAK. i was like a zombie, i barely spoke and had a massive headache i also have diarrahoea
  18. yeah i am just starting the candida diet it wont hurt to try it
  19. Sounds like things about half the population has at any one time. Candida is just another made up condition that causes people to buy books and supplements to combat it. If these things really bother you, go see a real doctor.
  20. why not just give up beer and drink gluten free alcohol like vodka etc? unless you're a big beer fan?
  21. my symptoms include dandruff - moderate. anti dandruff shampoo keeps it mild but doesnt get ridd of it acne - mild comedonal toungue - thick white coating and bumps at the back constant excess mucous - really irratating chest tightness when excersising groin rash general fatigue food intolerances im seeing a new doctor and i really hope he has an open mind about my symptoms. i think they are all connected