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  1. So I have been doing the MA for 2 weeks now. I had to reduce to once a day in order to halt the peeling. I LOVE jojoba oil, but do feel it is a tad greasy to put on and then head to work. But my skin feels good. Yet...I have high expectations and I don't see these blackheads disappearing. What should I expect to see and in what timeframe???
  2. What kind of moisturizer do you use such that you are comfortable with just water, say in the morning (that is when I feel the greasiest)? "Just water" doing well?
  3. Yikes...how long will I peel? What is there LEFT to peel? I try hard not to scratch as it itches.... The jojobo feels very good, but is shiny. Am I trying to use too much at once? Is this a moisturizer I can use various timed during the day...maybe on my itchiest spots...thus I can use unless at my initial moisturizing? I admit, I am fearful of an oil, I completely expect it to fill those pores up. Thank you...I will keep trudging, albeit, peeling, along....
  4. How do they look today? I too am always amazed at everything that comes out...and yet, the very next day, they are all back. It is one thing to empty them, it is another to close that pore down. I am trying the mandelic acid now for that very reason. But if yours are still empy, yippee! Good luck!
  5. Thanks White Fox. I will try the baby brush exfoliating...why not! And I will stick with the burn; it doesn't last long, just a tad intense. I am anxiously awaiting my jojoba oil, sounds like great stuff. One more thing...I feel like I work hard to simplify what is on my face, then add sunscreen (I like in SoCal, always sunny) which undoubtably clogs the pores back up. Do you have one you have had good luck with...so many say "non-clog" but seem to clog anyway. Thank you again!
  6. After reading so much on MA, decided to start a fresh post (so I don't have to dig any more for info!). As of Friday I started mandelic acid, the Vivant sample, for my (THANKFULLY!) only issue, clogged pores mainly in the T-zone. I have a lot of peeling on my nose (the crease), and when I first put it on it burns my nose (but no where else...and it quickly dissapates). I have waited the recommended 30 minutes prior to moisturizing. I need advice from you pros: 1) is the burning okay? How
  7. Yes, please explain what you are doing...I can't find info on exactly what the baby brush method is. Thanks!
  8. Eziekel- What kind of baking soda mask...a paste to leave on your face, or a scrub? Just use fingers or a brush? How long to leave on? I am realizing I am probably being too harsh on my skin...need some natural ideas. Thanks.