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  1. jensweetone

    2018 Journey

    My face was clear for a year, and I’m back to significant breakouts. Currently on Spiro and TriNessa (7/18)
  2. Hi- I was on Accutane for eight months and wish I had never taken it. Though my joint pain went away, I was left with chronic dry eye from the medicine. I recommend talking to your derm to decide how to proceed. I know the feeling of anxiety you have right now all too well! You don't want to quit because you want that clear skin, but you also don't want to damage yourself.
  3. Hey friend, sorry I'm late to the game here. I wanted to say I'm 26F currently experiencing the worst breakout of my life. I've tried everything, including Accutane, which ultimately failed after a few months of flawless skin. Though I mentally struggle with my acne over and over all throughout the day, I've been reminding myself that this is MY skin. MY skin breaks out because it's doing its' normal thing. We cannot control the way our skin breaks out/if it breaks out/how badly it breaks out. I
  4. Hey friend, I was on Accutane a few years back. Don't give up, you have no reason for concern I promise. I had some of the worst breakouts of my life for the first 3 or 4 months and then got perfect skin. Stay patient. For me, Accutane ultimately failed after a year or so, but I'm hoping the best for you
  5. We all feel your pain here friend. I have echoed your plight so. freaking. many. times. Hang in there. Keep pushing yourself to go out and make those social choices even when it's painful. We have got this.
  6. Hey friend, I'm wondering if you have brought it up with him before? The way I get past my skin issues with significant others is to become vulnerable and tell them I'm upset with my skin, I'm scared they will think I'm ugly without makeup, and I feel insecure. The right guy is going to support you. Once I put it out in the open, I generally feel much better around that person. By the way, what he's noticing about you goes beyond your skin, no matter what condition. He's noticing who you are as
  7. Oh friend, that sounds so physically and emotionally painful. I have severe cystic acne and I can say I relate to you on the feelings of anxiety and a rumination on my skin. I understand your upset comes from the burned skin and scarring, as opposed to acne, but my tips remain the same. Things I have found helpful: 1) Avoiding the mirror COMPLETELY unless I'm putting on makeup 2) I shower with just a nightlight on at night while I take my makeup off to prevent myself from catching glimpses
  8. Hey friend- same boat as you. I switched to another brand of birth control and my skin is freaking out. Let's all remind ourselves that it can take a few months for our bodies to adjust and we may just have to ride this horrible wave. Remember to take care of yourself emotionally, we are more than our skin. Also, OP, I find you absolutely stunning even with your acne. Your bone structure/eyes/coloring really are gorgeous.
  9. Friend, as a 26 year old who still has severe cystic acne and Accutane failed me, I feel your pain. I highly recommend going back to your dermatologist and PLEASE remember that people don't see your acne in nearly the same negative light that you see it. We are our own worst critiques.
  10. leelowe! You're still here! I stayed completely clear for a full year (I moved to a different state, the stress caused me to stop having periods, so my breakouts stopped, TMI I know). I'm now back to acne and on Spiro as well-been on it for years. Good to see my mail acne.org supporter still here.
  11. The reason those of us are more interested in the acceptance movement is because it is realistic and doesn't cost any money. As of now, Accutane is the only treatment that fully takes away acne. Due to the fact that it is not an option/has not worked for some of us, we choose to accept ourselves instead.
  12. I absolutely say go with the bc pills first!! Accutane was a horrible drug for me-left me with chronic dry eye and I was SEVERELY depressed while on it (plus all my acne came back anyway) Now I'm on bc and my acne has cleared to an amount that I'm much more comfortable with. I wish to goodness I had tried bc first!
  13. Whereas I don't agree with you about not using cleaners etc, I do love your point about how people view us with acne! They absolutely aren't just looking at us for our faces! I appreciate you sharing your story and I'm so happy you've found clearer skin!
  14. Completely agree. It drives me nuts that photoshopped skin is shoved in our faces through the media just as much as any other photoshopped body part. Skin breaks out. Acne is normal. We are still worth it and beautiful with it. I appreciate your thoughts!
  15. Totally understand what you're feeling and pretty sure everyone on here can relate. You've got this my friend. It sucks and it hurts both physically and emotionally, but keep going. I have found therapy has helped me more than anything else. I learned to accept my face as is. I did Accutane and all my acne came back a year later, so I've literally tried everything now!! Now I just remind myself to be gentle on myself emotionally. It's really hard having acne.