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  1. Thanks for the reply gkitten25, I didn't know Nuffield did clinics as well gyms and what not! Yeah I'm still debating what to do, i'll give it another week or so till i figure out what i have going on in May exactly, if I can't make the NHS appointment and they don't bring it forward I'll have to just ring up a private derm, the whole and chooseandbook/waiting times thing is a bit of a killer
  2. Perhaps the fact that you don't have a routine to remove dead skin cells and stuff from your skin is what causes your 'junk and gunk'. Maybe you should use a cleanser twice a day (when you wake up and before you go to bed) and exfoliate 2-3 times a week just to remove anything that accumulates. Use some natural products if you don't want to use anything on your skin that could make matters worse e.g. la roche posay, simple but really it's down to personal preference/testing....youtube what a ski
  3. Thanks a lot! I'll check them both out, hope to see some 'gainz' soon!
  4. Hey guys, before I had acne I used to hit the gym almost everyday, and take shakes (phD Whey Protein) everyday. I used to drink a lot of milk just generally - I love cold milk I have no idea why - and I would mix it with my protein powder. My diet wasn't very 'acne-friendly', I would eat a lot of eggs and chicken (hormones everywhere ) and the whey which I consumed had IGF-1 (which correlates with sebum production) so as soon as my acne got worse I had to stop eating those foods in excess and
  5. Thank you for your detailed response waytoooldforthis, that answered a lot of questions for me. I live in London and the cost of a first consultation for me is £150-200. I'll assume that only the price of of consultations differs from one clinic to another as the medicine is likely to cost the same wherever you go. It's nice to see that your derm actually assessed you properly and didn't just prescribe medicine for the sake of doing so, a lot of people i've spoken to have told me their derm
  6. Maybe stress/sleep is affecting it? I know sleeping less/being stressed makes my acne worse. If it's only on your chin, maybe buy some 2.5% BenzoylPeroxide/PanOxyl over the counter and apply it only on your chin and see how that goes?
  7. Two years ago I would have called it bad (when I developed that kind of acne) because the transition from smooth face->that level of acne, stressed me out so much. Now that I've experienced acne worse than that, I wouldn't call it bad at all, it's in one place etc...it's pretty subjective I think
  8. Hi guys, I've had acne for a while now (around 2-3 years but it got worse this last year) and of course, have tried everything in my power to treat it e.g. monitoring diet, changing sheets everyday, fasting, steaming, natural remedies, PanOxyl, BP, Duac, RetinA, Adapalene, Lymecycline, Oxytetracycline to no avail. I had an appointment on the 17th February with my GP and he finally referred me (here's referral pathway http://www.18weeks.scot.nhs.uk/downloads/1292945067-acne.pdf) to see a