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  1. IT sounds like you started too quickly and got all puffy and sunburned (like I did when I started). Pull back to the regime once a day for awhile. Your skin needs time to adjust. Remember - the regimen is a LONG TERM fix that you'll use for a long time (like your teeth brushing routine) so take your time and give a little more patience. Less product applied consistently over a long period of time will do the trick.
  2. Others have had that problem with the AHA, try doing a blend of moisturizer and AHA - that may help!
  3. I would recommend switching to the acne.org moisturizer. There is really nothing comparable in the store. Other moisturizers will not blend as well with the BP. And breaking out after three weeks is normal - I was completely clear probably in 2-3 months. This is a LONG TERM fix so have patience - make small tweaks to your regime and eventually you'll find the right amount of product and right process for you!
  4. Yes that happened to me too. If it hasn't gotten better, pull back a little on your BP dosage and add a few more drops of jojoba oil at night. Your skin will adjust, but you may need to pull back your usage a touch.
  5. I had this problem at the start too - my skin is just sensitive! I would recommend pulling back on the amount of product for awhile. Keep your regimen going the same, just pull back on the BP
  6. pull back on the BP amount just a touch and bump up your moisturizer use a touch. and YES aha will help once you incorporate. just add a drop to your moisturizer each night
  7. your skin probably can't. if you want a longterm fix for your skin (for years to come) start slow for a week or two and then your skin will acclimate. If you DO try doing twice a day just know that you risk looking like you have a really bad sunburn.
  8. I would recommend every couple days putting on a TON of moisturizer and then GENTLY wiping off the moisturizer with a damp wash cloth. i know that wash clothes are usually a 'no-no' but sometimes the extra exfoliation can help with the dead skin cells and product left on the skin.
  9. I have mild acne as well. When I started I did the full regimen morning and nights. It cleared my face totally! Then I started applying the regimen only at night - and it maintained my face just as well as twice a day. So, yes try it once a day - I imagine it may take slightly longer to get totally clear - but once you are its the BEST feeling.
  10. I use cetaphil or neutrogena gentle skin cleaner. for moisturizers - neutrogena daily moisturizer with SPF 15
  11. you gently cleanse your face from the night before, remember;no wash cloth
  12. adfreak1991 - I have found the same results. I did the regimen twice a day for about 4 months, now I do it once a day, and the results are still GREAT
  13. thanks acne.org regimen for finally giving me a solution to my acne prone skin
  14. I started putting a towel over my pillow when I sleep to keep the pillowcase from bleaching and getting dirty. Especially when you start out and are putting A LOT of moisturizer on your face, it's normal for product to come off. Don't worry so much that the BP is coming off, and just focus on keeping the the application schedule.
  15. I'm guessing that it's because this regimen is harder to follow than the usual 'mainstream' consumer products. If you get a tip to use acne.org regimen from a friend who's skin looks great, they'll be able to tell you firsthand what a commitment is and caution you that it's not an easy road. But if you ask me, WORTH it!