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  1. long story short, I was on B5 for 3 years and stopped taking it a little over 3 months ago because my hair began to fall out and I had read many times that hairloss could be a side effect of using b5 for a long period of time. Any way my hair is still falling out and is now visibly thin in the front. Every time I wash my hair or run my fingers through my hair at least a few come out and I have never experienced this type of hair loss before. My hair now always feels dry and brittle even if it has not been washed for a day. I am sure that this is not male pattern baldness because it does not run in my family. The reason I am writing this is to see if anyone else who took B5 noticed this type of hairloss even after quitting B5. If anyone has had a similar experience please respond and tell me if your hairloss stopped and how long it took to stop or what action you took to stop it. Any information or advice would be appreciated. I am really freaking out. Thanks for any help.
  2. CTFM could you go into more depth on the situation with your hair, I noticed about two months ago my hair was starting to fall out. almost every time I ran my hand through my hair one or two hairs will come out and my hair is noticeably thinner in the front. How long did it take the phosphorous to bring your hair back to normal? I was on B5 for over two years I megadosed for about 6 months and the rest of the time was on a maintenance dose. Right when I noticed the hair problems I quit B5, which was in the beginning of October, and Im still having hair problems and I am quite sure it is not genetic or male pattern baldness it is falling out everywhere on my head. Any response would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. gmpymahny

    Vitamin B5 Gulpin'

    hey do not stop b5 after only 17 days. i started b5 in the beginning of october 2003 and by the time i left for school in early january 2004 is when my face actually was completely clear since starting the b5. b5 takes up to 2 and a half to three months to really work and it saved my life. i went from getting atleast one new zit a day to maybe now one zit a month. dont stop for atleast 2 months from now and take 20 of those swanson pills a day spread in fives through out the day im down to 5 pills a day and is still working great. peace.
  4. gmpymahny

    minocin side effect

    I have got a red mark on my cheek that has now been there for about nine months and i know this mark was not caused by a zit because i have been about completely clear since about october or so. i once had a dermatologist say that using minocin for too long could cause dark spots to develop on your skin and i had been on minocin for about one year and the spot developed when i stopped using it. im going to the derm tomorrow and if i get rid of this spot ill be where i want to be with my skin. i dont trust him at all so if anyone has any experience with this sort of problem and gotten rid of it please tell me what you used before my derm takes a one second look at my face and tries to just shove me out of his office with some wothless cream. much thanks for any replies.
  5. gmpymahny

    vinegar method

    could someone please post the vinegar mehtod i foun lots of posts about it on the search engine but the original with the method is gone. any help is much appreciated
  6. gmpymahny

    B5 miracle

    just google swansons vitamins you'll get the link
  7. gmpymahny

    should i?

    benzamycin is that crap you keep in the fridge right? I used that for many months and it did absolutely nothing. Go with B5 for long term results not the being clear for a month then it comes back which is just frustrating and pointless. The dermatologist's ive been to dont seem to give a fuck about prescribing this stuff which they know wont really work. If I were you I would use the antibiotic combined with B5 then quit the antibiotic after about three months once th B5 clears you which it will.
  8. gmpymahny

    B5 miracle

    I used swansons pantothenic acid which is probably the cheapest you can find but it works just the same. I ordered about 1,000 capsules for around $40.00 the last time i had to buy some
  9. I've been on b5 since october and ive posted before about how it cleared my skin face and back after about 3 months of being on 10 grams thruout each day. Any way ive been totally abusing my skin lately drinking for a few weeks straight washing my face once a day and washing with normal dial soap when i do. my point is try b5 and dont listen to all the people who say it doesnt work or it will destroy your liver. Personally i would have rather dropped dead then kept living with acne and im not saying that lightly as id been through every cream and antibiotic my dermatologist could prescribe and my acne lead to real depression which i was about to start taking prozac for. instead i found this web site and tried b5 so thanks to the people here who recommended it. In the last 2 months or so ive had maybe 2 zits at the most. peace.
  10. gmpymahny

    A skeptic's experience with Pantothenic Acid

    taking 4 grams of b5 a day will do nothing for you. i just started with 10 grams a day and it took a good 3 months before my face was completely clear. if you are going to try and clear your skin just go for it full bore and dont give up easily. i think the high dose is the most important part of the treatment and its not like if you take a few more b5 pills ur going to drop dead
  11. i have been taking 10 grams a day of b-5 since the beginning of october and now have totally clear skin. when i started the b-5 i had just come off minocin which had stopped working for me after a year of clear skin. all the sudden my moderate acne came back and i tried dan's regimen but cut it off because my skin was peeling off like an atom bomb victim. all have to say is if you try b-5 stick with it for atleast a few months. i was about to stop after about 2 months because it wasn't doing anything for me at all in fact i looked a lot worse than usual. the b-5 has gotten rid of my blackheads on my nose and i haven't got a zit for over 2 weeks. if i were you i would try it. just order it in bulk on the net and keep your dosage high. oh yea no side affects either.
  12. gmpymahny


    i tried the regimen and it started to work alright but my face after about a week started peeling a lot. i always used a lot of moisturizer (aveeno) before i left for school but still little parts of my face were peeling. i would rather have a zit than a peeling face but i want to continue the regimen. if anyone else has the problem of dry skin but have found a moisturizer or a way to keep your face looking normal during the day please reply.