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  1. Robertitoo, I did 3 courses of Accutane. The last course was over 3yrs ago. No scar treatment done. Finally, getting my acne under control, this is my 1st attempt to get professional scar treatment done. Yes, some hyperpigmentation are from the pitted scars but they are shallow. Maybe that's why is hard to get a gauge of the depth? I've looked under sun light with a mirror and fluorescent lighting, this is the worst lighting (most severe scarring) there is. blahblah82, I'm probably
  2. Thanks for the replies, blahblah82, the bellafill - he is going to just use it on the nasolabial fold where there is a deep indented scar. For the price he is charging, i'm going to look at several other doctors. Here are a couple of better lighting pictures. I think most of my scars are shallow, hyperpigmentation perhaps? Any suggestions? [
  3. david1234

    My scar

    right face. No treatment down.
  4. Thanks for the replies. ) I'll ask my Doc if he can lower the price and see what the cost would be without the bella fill. He's a pic of my right face. What's the best treatment for this?
  5. Hi, first time poster here. I have to been battling with acne. I'm over 30 and several course of Accutane, finally my acne has been becoming manageable. Unfortunately, my face is left with severe scarring through the years of the battle. Through this site, I went to a consultation with Dr. Rahimi in the LA area. He quoted me for a procedure, which includes Bella fill, Mixto Co2 and subcision for a whopping $5000. WHOA!! This is only for 1 treatment, and each subsequent procedure would be $1