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  1. Helps Inflammation but is not a cure

    Been taking fish oil for about a year now . Has definitely helped my acne appear less red but haven't seemed much of a decrease in acne. Still definitely worth taking as Omegas are very good for you
  2. So Far So Good,But Seems too greasy for oily skin

    Been using Natural Unrefined Shea Butter for about a week now and it has been making my skin look amazing. Unfortunately I'm still recovering from a breakout caused by Cetaphil Cleanser but this stuff has been helping it clear up a lot. I have noticed a new breakout on my chin which is the only oily part on my face which might have been caused by this stuff as it is very greasy but besides that the rest of my face is dry and this stuff has been doing miracles for it. No new breakouts on my dry s
  3. Clears up whiteheads, but caused more acne

    I fell in love with this stuff when i first used it. My whiteheads instantly dissapeared it was too good to be true! Then i noticed i broke out really bad after using tea tree oil. When i stopped using it my breakouts were much less severe, but unfortunately i could not use this to clear them up again.
  4. Amazing! Great for sensitive/dry skin

    Started using about a week ago. Makes my skin feel clean but doesn't over dry it like almost every skin cleanser does to my sensitive skin. Also very cheap!

    I have combination/sensitive skin and had light acne when i started using this product before i was using a salicylic acid acne treatment but i heard salicylic acid can be to irritating for sensitive skin so i switched to Cetaphil Gentle skin cleanser. After using this product for about 2 months my acne became much worse. I found out one of its main ingredient Sodium Lauryl Sulfate can dry/irritate skin and is HIGHLY Comedogenic! I now use honey to cleanse my face and my face is still healing
  6. Seemed amazing at first but made me break out

    Unfortunately i was convinced this moisturizer was going to help me since i have combination skin. It ended up helping my oily spots but made me breakout where i get dry skin and didn't moisturize enough in the dry areas. Seems like a great moisturizer for oily skin but not for dry skin