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  1. Im confused, i thought that Tri-Cyclen was prescribed to LOWER my amount of hormones that are in my body so i would stop breaking out?
  2. thanks. i know that you can/most likely will get an IB from birth control, but i was asking WHEN you should because i think its kinda early. I broke out on day 3. help please?
  3. I just started (non-generic) Ortho-Tricyclen 5 days ago, and i noticed that after the 3rd day that i broke out worse than i have in a long time. Is it possible for me to get an IB so quickly? When did you get your initial breakout on BC? I'm afraid to keep taking it beause i dont want to be one of the people that Birth Control makes acne worse for!!!
  4. I KNOW! It seems like a simple enough disease, why can't they find a cure yet? its important enough...its the most mentally & emotionally traumatic disease. :think:
  5. i know where youre coming from! none of us did anything to deserve acne and it isnt or fault, yet we still have to pay the consequences and be miserable. My philosophy is that vitamins work better than oral antibiotics. Tetracycline, Mino, Doxy, Amoxicillin, Bactrim, etc etc are all only used for anti-bacterial purposes, which DO work for some people but since they are anti-bacterial, the bacteria will become immune and your acne is back again. Acne is caused by a horomonal imbalance, right? Vit
  6. is there a scientific explanation why pimples hurt when you touch them or squinch your face?
  7. everybody has a different chemical makeup. minocycline may work really well for you, but not at all for someone else. what other people went through doesnt matter because they arent you! but..to answer your question :shifty: i was on minocycline for 5 months, it did clear me up only about 40%. switched to Doxy 2 weeks ago.
  8. im using retin-a and its been 2 weeks...i never had an initial breakout, i just kept getting daily zits as usual. does that mean retin a isnt working for me? i followed every instruction perfectly
  9. thats strange! i have very oily skin, too. It gets oily within 2 hours of me washing my face. i found out that my problem was because i DIDNT moisturize. now i apply Clean & Clear Oil Free Morning Glow Moisturizer about 20 minutes after i wash my face. it still gets oily eventually, but its better than what i used to have. i really hope u find a solution!!
  10. yeah i believe you, im on Avita which is the same thing as Retin-A, its Tretinoin. i also use BP, but my acne is SOOOOO far from being technically eligible for accutane, im lucky for that! ive only been on Avita for a week and a half though so maybe im underestimating it.
  11. no, arent milia those TINY white bumps that ppl get around the eyes? i dont have them, i think this is different
  12. cheer up! i know exactly what youre going through. my skin scars very easily, and i have so many tiny hyperpigmentation marks that parts of my face always look red even if theyre not irritated. i HATE wearing makeup, too...its makes me feel fake and caked and heavy, even with the lightest layer. ive shed A LOT of tears wondering why *I* had to be the one to have acne, why couldnt someone else with less of a life have it? its taken away from alot of my life and i feel like ive missed out on so ma
  13. I think everyone has these, skin-colored bumps that look like they SHOULD be a pimple, except theyre not red and they dont hurt at all. Im guessing that theyre just clogged pores. Whats a safe way to get rid of them without any picking or squeezing or scarring?
  14. thanks, ur an angel! part of the reason i was looking at accutane logs was because i want to go on it. Doxy is working for me at the *moment,* but i want to go on something a little more reliable so i have a dermatology appointment on sept. 14th. who knows...maybe in a month i'll be signing Ipledge papers? i havent had the best day either, im dreading going back to school with no confidence and a make-upped face. i'll check back with you later!