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    The sun is good in moderation, 5-10 minutes of unprotected exposure a day helps active the Vitamin D in your skin. Other than that though, the sun will tan you, and make you look better (which, hey, isn't that what we're all here for?) but it comes at the price that I'm sure everyone knows; a tan is skin damage. Not like brutal skin damage, but it is, so I guess it's whatever you want. Personally, It might sound like I'm all "GRAH NO SUN FOR YOU! BAD!" but in all actuality I'm keeping in the sun
  2. bump, the sooner i figure this out, the sooner i can purchase the stuff and the sooner i can start saving my skin
  3. Looking outside I realize it's spring/summertime, and as awesome as that is (I've already worn out my legs with my many bike rides) that also means that the big bad sun is out to get our sensitive skin. So, me being a once a day moisturizer guy i am, I am now looking for a moisturizer that can double (or at least help with) as a sunscreen. So I've got a few questions: 1) What SPF should i be looking for in a moisturizer with SPF? 2) What ingredients should i be checking for? What's good? Bad
  4. I started accutane for my second course about 3 weeks ago now. 40mg, one pill every second day. Side effects wise, i haven't noticed anything but a little chapped lip. However, my acne has stopped appearing again (it wasnt super bad when i started my second course, i just noticed the same sign as my first huge breakout and wanted to play it safe). Anyways, I've always had some nasty red marks, but it seems like their starting to fade again whereas i thought they had stopped. Not sure if it's th
  5. hahaha! I just read your post in which your friend had convinced you that you were ugly. Your friend, no harm to him/her is crazy. You're a regulation hottie (quote: Mean Girls lol)

  6. Still think you're cute btw... :P

  7. Okay, new question: If i i'm taking 40mg accutane, once every two days. How long do you think until i notice effects, whether negative or positive? I've only taken 2 pills so far (4 days) and i haven't noticed a single thing, like at all. Probably normal since it's only been 4 days but still. Thanks.
  8. I'm hoping for an answer on this too, I'm starting my second course on accutane and i do NOT want to have the pleasure of an IB.
  9. Basically, my skin looks it's absolute best right when i wake up, even before i wash it in the morning. It seems as though at night, like past 10pm ish my skin starts to get more pale and my red marks and acne get redder (might not be, just by comparison to skin pale?) Any way to counter act this night time dilemma? Obviously i want my skin to look its best at night when im out partying, but it sucks my best skin is in the morning Thanks PS: Im a guy so make up isnt an option
  10. So i visited my doctor today for the first time in about 6 months, a year ago i was off accutane for my first time. Basically, my acne isnt nearly as bad as it used to be, but my real issue is this : I have current active acne, that turns into red marks. My face has a ton of red marks and scars from my past accutane trip. I can't treat the red marks/scars until the acnes gone, but it wont go away unless i go on accutane. I explained this to him, and my doctors an awesome guy who had to deal wi
  11. Hey, you're not ugly! You have nice, expressive eyes, and a decent face structure. Acne just makes you feel that way. I feel I am attractive, but acne has distorted my mind and 'caused low self-esteem within me. It's normal to feel emo about this shit. Just know that you're a looker. : P

  12. Rarg

    Just Surviving

    me and acne and scars
  13. Well, i get highs and lo's like i'm sure alot of people do. And when i look at my gallery photos i think i'm attractive as well, they really don't do justice to me at all. I've gotten worse since my last photos.. My red marks seem to have gone from very bad (2006) to much better (late 2007) and now it's like their getting redder again instead of continuing to fade -_-. Plus i'm getting all this new acne now that turns into red marks and i also just have normal current acne. It's like i'm hitt
  14. So i've got a wonderful cocktail going on on my face of active acne, scars, and red marks. now, i want to get rid of them all obviously, but i feel like i'm in a continuous chain. Every time i zit dissapears it leaves a red mark or sometimes a scar. So now since my acnes come back i can't battle my red marks. But i can't seem to keep up with my current acne. So every time i try to cure my current acne it makes my red marks worse. Or if i do red mark treatments it might help my red marks but i'l