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  1. Ripon, it is a soap that I found that sold on the website. It can be used on the body to clear acne, fade acne marks, exfoliate dead skin and lightening skin too. They advertised with customer testimonials and photos. So it convinced me to buy and try and it did clear up my acne. It is a good bar of soap. I remembered once I travelled to Hong Kong, a friend had quite a few big acnes on her chin, looked really bad even covered with concealer. Her dermatologist prescribed her Retin A Gel. But it
  2. Sorry to hear about that . I had suffered from severe acne on my back and face (big one). Seeing a few dermatologists, they all prescribed me Retin A cream, gel and Accutane. I had tried all these but my acne became worst. It dried my whole face & my back causing acne breakout. I couldn't go out without putting thick concealer on my face. It went on for quite some times. I was devastated. I found a product and I told myself, it would be my last product that I would want to try because so ma
  3. your condition is exactly what happened to me before by using Retin A. Break out in the same area chin, forehead and jawline. Couldn't bear to see my face that bad, I quit. Then found something to heal my face. I wish your face will get better.
  4. I was acne sufferer too, having big red pimples on jawline, cheeks, forehead. I have spent tons of money on almost every product. Retin A, Accutane didn't work for me, it actually made my acne condition worse. Everyday I had to wear thick concealer. Finally I got my face clear of acne. Hope those creams works for your acne.
  5. I was acne sufferer too. Doctor prescribed me Retin A and Accutane but it made me acne condition even worse. I had to put thick concealer to hide my bad acne. But now I am clear of acne. I believe Retin A or Accutane are good for acne sufferers but not all of them. Hope your acne condition is getting better.
  6. I hope Accutane do help you to get rid of acne problems. I didn't have luck with Accutane or Retin A. I was an acne sufferer too. Have a good day!
  7. Hope your acne problem will get better!
  8. Hope the new stuff will clear up your face. God Bless