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  1. Thanks for the advice. I know that I need to wait a bit of time between each step; otherwise, it takes an incredibly long amount of time for the bp/moisturizer to absorb. I think I'll stick with the sensitive skin version of the Neutrogena moisturizer with AHA. I'm hesitant to try any other moisturizers, due to the oily skin issue. Honestly, though, it's not as bad as it seems, so I don't usually do much about it (other than occasional blotting), but I wouldn't want to use something that wou
  2. Anybody have any answers they'd like to share? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Brandy? Any other moderators?
  3. Hi there I've been on the regimen for a while now, and I'm just wondering if there's an ideal time to wait between each step of the regimen? I tend to vary the time (5-15 minutes, like Dan says) each time I do the regimen. Also, how long does it take people to do the entire regimen (wash, bp, moisturize)? It seems to take me a while. I'm more than willing to take the extra time for this, but it does seem to take a lengthy amount of time. And as far as the lactic acid/AHA goes, how much of