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  1. Retin-A Micro initially made my skin very oily and made it look worse because of a few breakouts. But now I'm on my 6th week and my skin is looking the best it has looked in 4 years. Stick with it for at least 8 weeks before giving up.
  2. I'm midway through my 5th week and for the first time in my life, I feel good about my skin. I had very mild acne that was mainly red marks that took a long time to fade. Now my skin is finally looking like I want it to, and it seems to only be getting better. The Retin-A Micro made my skin look like crap for the first 3 weeks, making it oily and red and flakey. But now it is looking better every morning. If you hang in there, you'll reap the rewards of patience.
  3. Soccer, I am currently using Lubriderm for moisturizer, actually just started yesterday so I can't really decide if it is contributing to oiliness/greasiness, but I will keep your suggestion in mind. Thanks!
  4. Day 7, 8, 9 -- End Week 1: I'd say on the whole, it was a pretty good week. My skin is looking better due to fading red marks. Two small whiteheads popped up this weekend, but nothing to sweat about; they seem to heal quickly. On Day7, I noticed that some areas of my face were beginning to peel very slightly, so to better protect, I have started to put on moisturizer, even though I probably should have alreay been doing that $ . I am looking forward to more clearing and hoping I don't get a
  5. Day 6: Red marks fading out very slowly, no new zits exept on sides of nose, which seem to be in the breakout phase, but not badly at all. My oil production is still pretty high, but is bearable. I will try Soccer_NC's suggestion of spot treating the whiteheads after applying to the rest of my face. Even though the fading process is slow, I am content with what the Retin-A Micro is doing; this is the longest I have gone (6 days) without a new whitehead on my chin area. I love the beginning of
  6. Day 5: I awoke this morning only to find one new whitehead on the side of my nose. Other than that, nothing new to report. Red marks continue to fade, slowly.
  7. Day 4: This morning my skin looked a little more red, but not itching or peeling yet. I haven't gotten any new zits yet except for some very minor ones around the side-of-my-nose area. The red marks on my chin continue to fade out, but very slowly. Now all areas that are covered in RAM are becoming oily, not just forehead. I am not concerned about the oil so long as it doesn't lead to new acne and it doesn't look too greasy. How I feel:
  8. I think you should keep it up, because you are supposed to have an initial breakout, and sometimes it's pretty bad. I cannot give you any other advice than that because I'm only doing Retin-A Micro, not Botchla. Good luck!
  9. Day 3: Today I noticed that while my chin area is gradually improving, I had a few new small whiteheads starting to form around my sides of my nose. By "chin improving" I mean that the old red 'scars' seem to be very slowly dissapearing, one actually flaked off. As these days go on, I am becoming more and more anxious about the initial breakout, of which I have heard many bad stories. I hope that since I have very mild actual acne, there won't be a tremendous amount of junk for the RAM to b
  10. Hey there. I can relate to you because my acne is very mild, the main problem being the amount of time it takes to heal old zits. BP couldn't do it for me, so I am now trying Retin-A Micro. Good luck to you.
  11. Regarding Proactiv: I used it for the entirety of this summer and it worked very well at clearing up my mild acne to an acceptable level, but then the progress decreased for a while until my skin would stay basically the same. While it was a effective treatment early on, it just wasn't worth the $40 a month anymore. I still occasionally use the remaining BP though, it's pretty gentil on the skin. Cheers
  12. Lausy, good to know! We can compare results! BTW, just to clarify, I haven't really had any itching/burning/peeling yet, just a little warmth and very very very light redness. And I too have been applying very lightly. Anyway I hope this works [-o<
  13. Hey there. I am currently undergoing a Retin-A Micro .1% regimen and am documenting daily results, so if you need real info from someone using it, just check out my log.
  14. Be careful, as Joshua said, he is probably not prone to acne like you are. And since new pimples can actually take 6 weeks to mature in your skin, you might be just growing new ones under the surface and think your skin is clearing, only to totally break out in a few weeks...
  15. Cool, Soccer_NC, thanks for the reply. I guess we are goin through this Retin-A Micro thing together . Have you experianced a major breakout yet?